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Another Friday another episode, we are hitting a good stride and we appreciate our followers that always come back. This weeks show had a severe lack of Rog, as BallsRog was unable to join us with the usual shenanigans. However he responded to jokes with calling in from the “Skreets”. There were short jokes tossed at James, and covering the news of losing Monty Oum, animator for Rooster Teeth. Corey rocked out the Top5@5 with a BallsRog impersonation. Gather round and have a laugh, enjoy us while work is dragging or you are blowing it up in a video game!


From us at Nerdsynq we are excited to present another article, from a new writer, lets have a round of applause for Chunky! Hopefully we can see more work from you soon. 

  Here we are again. New consoles are launching and euphoria is in the air. The promise of never seen before graphics and innovative new gameplay mechanics are flooding the minds of eager gamers everywhere. Buzzwords like "levelution" and "particle physics" have us all riveted. There's always a catch though.

  I'm not new to this rodeo. I've been along for this ride for every console launch since the Sega Master System. I've always been an early adopter and I know the pitfalls of claiming that title. My affections aren't as easily obtained by shiny new consoles as they were when I was a wide eyed, grubby fingered little kid. I love that new console smell as much as the next guy but I've learned to lower my expectations. 

  I'm not going to open myself up to feeling like I just got ran over by the hype train this time. I'm going to accept that I got coach seats and just try to enjoy the ride from a realistic perspective. I do have my day one console preorder in. I'll be getting the PS4 first because their overall message was more attractive to me at the time. I know exactly what's going to happen this go round because I've been here so many times before. I'll get the console and be ecstatic. I'll peel away every layer of plastic and styrofoam to free my treasure from it's carboard cage. I'll plug it in and update soaking in every feature I can. I'll play the games I didn't really want (AC IV, Killzone) because that's all I could get. I'll try to glean every nuance of eyecandy and every example of why this console is faster or more user friendly. 

  Then...the waiting game. This is what happens after every single launch. I'll read up on the titles that were the reason I bought the console for months and months and months. I'll be left with buyers remorse. I'll be left with a box of possibilities. I know the games will come though. I'm ready for the drought. I'm prepared this time. You should be too. I'm still excited but I know to temper my expectations.