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A few days ago we released a new video to go with a beautiful new released game, Dying Light. Ballsrog sits down and shows us how to survive a Zombie apocalypse with all the sound effects included. A huge thank you to the team for such a beautiful video, with a funky beat! Enjoy this gem, because there are more to follow.




Everything seems to be shaping up nicely for the next 2k & Turtle Rock collaboration. The same two studios brought us the action packed Left 4 Dead, that occupied many an hours on most of our consoles. Now they are rolling out their new game Evolve, a game that explores the possibilities of having four players against one player controlled monster. Evolve will be release globaly on October 21st of this year for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Pre-ordering from participating retailers will get you the Savage Goliath skin at launch, and a new monster character when available after release. Personally it is one of the games that is top on my list of pre-orders 

From our experiences with the game at PAX EAST the game is living up to all of the hyper provided. As the monster is plays on it grows stronger, levelling up and becoming more difficult with more abilities to accompany the growth. Using savage abilities and an intuitive animal sense to kill your human enemies. Evolve depends on heavy team work, knowing your roll and fulfilling that spot on your team to make the beast easier to take down. Or choose one of four hunter classes (Trapper, Support, Assault and Medic) and team up to take down the beast on the planet Shear, where flora and fauna act as an adversary to man and monster alike. Level up to unlock new hunter or monster characters as well as upgrades, skins and perks. Earn your infamy on the leaderboards and become the apex predator.


Evolve is set on an alien planet in the distant future, and the players take on their play with adrenaline-pumping gameplay. On launch there are more than a dozen maps, providing gamers with incredible gameplay scenarios all to follow suit with the beautiful play style and variety making the replay value limitless.

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XBOX One Update!

PallyDOTS —  19/06/2013 — 1 Comment

Xbox One

Well well well. Looks like when enough people complain about how much your product will get destroyed by another, they listen and do something for the better.

Xbox One has made a few changes since their E3 reveal. You can now play games while offline and no 24 hour connection requirement. Also the games you purchase have no limitation and no region restriction. So you are able to trade, share, and sell your games just like you do with the 360.

To check out the full press release, check out the link below:

XBOX One Update

I think I’m in the minority by saying I for one am excited about this. If you missed the reveal or don’t want to watch it, don’t worry because NerdSynq will tell you all you need to know. Let’s start with the name, Xbox One, most people hate this name, I personally like it. It represents unity between you and all your entertainment; you are now one with the Xbox. Now let’s get down to what it looks like and what it can do.

Again in the minority about this but I like the way it looks; it looks like a sleek, ultra-modern NES. It also now comes with 8 GB’s of RAM (which is how much is in my computer); 500 GB’s of hard drive, Blu-Ray player and built in Wi-Fi and HDMI ports. I know the last two have already been in the Xbox for some time but because I have an older version I am happy these things will be built in, and I haven’t gotten to experience these. The Blu-Ray is perhaps the best addition to the Xbox One considering that was the only thing Sony had over Xbox. Onto the Software!

Home screen
The Windows 8 display, I think it works for a game console or a touch screen. Considering that the Kinect (which I will get to in a minute) is mimicking a touch screen I think the Windows 8 like display will work flawlessly. Besides which the Xbox 360 is running a similar like display already.
Another cool thing added is Snap Mode; this allows you to multitask with the Xbox One. For instance you can play a game and browse Facebook at the same time or watch a TV show and Skype with a friend. However for some of the things, such as the fantasy football line-up, it looked as if the guy was using Smart Glass to manipulate it. Which begs the question why not just use the Kinect?

The Kinect
Okay, here is one of my biggest gripes about the Xbox One. The Kinect comes with it, regardless if you want it or not, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to use it. Of course this hasn’t been confirmed yet but it seems like with all the hype they are putting around it you are going to have to install it and keep it active if you want to have your system running. My first thought is ‘Oh, well Microsoft will be changing its name to Skynet soon.’ I’m very concerned with this; I don’t want some guy at Microsoft to watch me playing my games naked.
The Kinect looks to have a similar function to what it does now, basic voice command and hand movements. However they introduced something that new that doesn’t seem to promising, the Instant Switch. Which I don’t think I will work really well just because of the Kinect I’m using now, it has lag and a lot of it. This allows you to “instantly” switch between your games, movies, apps, music and TV.

“TV you say?” TV I say! That’s right they are now allowing us to watch TV through our Xbox, are you tired of switching between inputs to go between your Xbox and TV? No? Me neither. I know what some of you are thinking, “I can just use my Xbox to watch TV, I don’t need cable!” you’d be wrong. From my understanding you still have to go throw your cable provider which kind of sucks.
Tonight was a night filled with partnerships, one of which being the NFL. So now you can watch every game through the NFL and get real time updates, they already had ESPN so I don’t see the benefit to also having a NFL app. Though I’m not a huge sports fan so I won’t be using either app.
Lastly they announced Wake Up, John. A new series directed by Steven Spielberg about, you guessed it, Halo! They didn’t go into what it’s going to be about, but I know people are already going to be pumped just because it’s Halo.

Perhaps the most disappointing part of the night was the games section; they did not once show actual gameplay, just cut scenes. For instances Forza 5 looked amazing the detail of the paint on the car was just stunning… for a launch trailer. Only two other games were mentioned one of which “stole” the show and will be talked about for a little while, that game was Quantum Break. I don’t know how I feel about a live-action trailer for a game that no one has heard of but the couple seconds of the actual game looked pretty dang cool, I love me some time manipulation. The rest of the trailer was just two people talking about some pretty vague stuff. I am excited to see more however; and the last game that got a lot of people pumped up, Call of Duty: Ghosts. They showed a lot of what the game is going to look like now that it is on the Xbox One. It looked fantastic (for a Call of Duty game), and the doggy was adorable; y’know as adorable as a blood thirsty dog with titanium fangs can be. The story is to be written by Stephen Gaghan and the concept sounds interesting enough. However nobody plays the Call of Duty games for the story they play for the multiplayer! It sounds like they are trying to go all out with this; interactive levels, character customization, “better matches”. Plus with the announcement of the built-in recorder for Xbox One, I know this will be a fun experience (even if it is only for 10 hours). I for one hope they can accomplish all they set out for though and I know a lot of people don’t like Call of Duty and say it is killing the gaming community but I disagree.

The Bad
Among the NFL partnership EA also agreed to some sort of partnership with Microsoft. To which I let out an audible “Uh-oh”. Though they won’t say what it entails they have said that they are working on making the Xbox One more “developer friendly” which greatly concerns me. I’m afraid that EA will do their best to ruin Xbox and online game play. But I can put one rumor at ease, the always online factor. This has been confirmed as a fallacy though they never directly said anything about it during the reveal; you can read more about this at . Another rumor currently going around is that you will have to pay a fee for used games. This was also not in the reveal however I have looked into it only a little bit. From my understanding you’ll only have to pay for the used game if you want to install it onto your hard drive, which makes sense that way you can’t take it to a friend’s house have them install the game and keep the disc for yourself and both play the game even though only one of you bought it. I don’t have a complete understanding of this because no one has official said anything about it yet, and it looks like we are going to have to wait till E3 to hear more.

Until then I remain hopeful that the Xbox One can live up to my and Microsoft’s expectations and still be a good console. I am super excited to find out more and to buy the system later this year!