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Extra Extra

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Xbox live has some spectacular deals for gold members. I don’t know if it will last past today, but Assassins Creed III is only $14.99. The original Crysis is $4.99. Borderlands 2 is on sale as well. Go check it out!

XBOX One Update!

PallyDOTS —  19/06/2013 — 1 Comment

Xbox One

Well well well. Looks like when enough people complain about how much your product will get destroyed by another, they listen and do something for the better.

Xbox One has made a few changes since their E3 reveal. You can now play games while offline and no 24 hour connection requirement. Also the games you purchase have no limitation and no region restriction. So you are able to trade, share, and sell your games just like you do with the 360.

To check out the full press release, check out the link below:

XBOX One Update

Check out our First video for Injustice. Our commentary track is gone, but it’s still a fun watch.

Happy Wars

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The battle ensues

With the wait for Injustice: Gods Among Us just burning a hole inside of me, I had to find a new game to hold me over. I wanted something that was a quick game that did not take a lot of thought and effort. And with my hard drive dead, I went to my Xbox 360 to look through the Arcade. I was looking for a good 15 minutes and did not find anything, then I found a tower defense, League of Legends type game. And the best part was that Happy Wars was free! They of course hook you in with the simple game play, but if you want to get a more enjoyable experience, you can purchase “Happy Tickets” so you can get the best gear in the game.


The game has a choice of three classes: Warrior, Cleric, and Mage. That’s it. During the match you gain experience, which there is a cap of level 5 in each match for each character. As you level up, you gain random skills that are specific to your class and you get more health power and ability power. The multiplayer is an online based battle, where there is a choice of 10 maps, where the battles range from 8v8 up to 15v15. During the battles you capture different towers within the map to use as spawn points for when you die or to determine a winner of the match if it goes to time (Which does happen about 50% of the time). The matches only last 20 minutes so they are not very long and they do not feel very long at all.


Along with the basic attacks of each class, you get class specific abilities as well as team abilities that you can use with up to 8 other members of your team. The more people that join in on the team ability, the stronger it will be. This team ability could be an attack or a boost to all of your abilities.

Many different weapon choices

As you complete matches, you earn experience and Happy Coins. As you gain a higher level, you can add weight to your gear so you can upgrade to better pieces. You can obtain these pieces from spinning a wheel in exchange for coins or you can purchase card packs for ticket (using real money). Within the game there is an offline single player story-line about the two different castles that are fighting each other for stupid reasons. To progress within the story-line, you need to gain levels within the multi-player to obtain the higher gear.


The game itself is fun and simple and very easy to play. The cartoon characters and abilities make the game comical and very enjoyable. I mean for a free game, its pretty solid. But alas, it is April 16th, that means Injustice: Gods Among Us is released today. So that means once I am home, it will time to be The Flash and kick some Batman butt!

Today NetherRealm Studios revealed their first DLC character for Injustice Gods Among Us, and it’s the Main Man LOBO!! How cool is that?!! He can be obtained individually, or in the available season pass.