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This was an awesome show, full of conspiracy and intrigue. James & Ballsrog express their fright of Albino Lullaby, and with the announcement for X-Files Ballsrog tells the tale of the dark side of the moon. We are joined by a very special guest Ernesto who tells of his top two moments in the podcasts history.


A brief follow up to my post yesterday about the new characters revealed for the newest version of Street Fighter IV, here is the official announcement trailer for the game, which will be titled Ultra Street Fighter 4.




Evo 2013 is more than just a tournament, and this year at Capcom’s panel they announced that in addition to the balance update for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, there will be a total of five new characters added. These characters include Elena, best known from Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Poison, Hugo, and Rolento, from Final Fight, though all three have made guest appearances in other Capcom fighters such as the Street Fighter Alpha series and Street Fighter x Tekken. A fifth character hasn’t been revealed, but it was confirmed that it will be someone new to the Street Fighter series. Whether or not it is another guest character, or something original, only time will tell.


Other news out of the Capcom panel in regards to this game, it will release on PS3, 360, and PC for $15, which in addition to the new characters will include six new stages and a much anticipated balance update. It is slated for an early 2014 release.