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Justice League Dark 22

     This particular part of the “Trinity War” is where the story slows way down.  After all the action this was definitely a letdown for me personally but the art was wonderfully done by Mikel Janin.  The story does not really progress or provide any real answers in this issue.  Wonder Woman is still on a wild goose chase to try and help Superman while Batman is trying to stop her.  Batman is following the lead of the Phantom Stranger and the heroes are divided between the pair.  The story ends with Superman escaping from his restraints and leading a third team for answers as well. In summation, the Justice Leaguers chase their tails all issue long.

    I think this was a case of just too much going on for a smaller caliber book to handle. Jeff Lemire struggled to write the guest crossover characters.  On a positive note the usual suspects like Constantine and Zatanna shined in this issue. Overall everything just seemed a bit forced with too many heroes acting out of character.  Since when does Batman blindly follow the advice of someone he never met? Hopefully the action picks back in part four and the bigger picture starts to get a little clearer. I would have to give this issue a solid yet disappointing 3 out 5.

jla number 6


Justice League of America Issue 6

     In the words of Kanye West “It’s what you all been waiting for ain’t it?”  As fans we have all been teased about this blockbuster crossover and so far it has not disappointed.  It is part two of the “Trinity War” and the battle royale between Justice Leagues continues.  The JLA wasted no time doing what they have been trained to do since the inception of the team.  The action ends with Superman turning himself in like the Boy Scout we all know him to be.  Which leaves Wonder Woman to look for answers wherever she can find them regarding Pandora’s box.  Her journey leads her in the direction of Justice League Dark which is of course the next tie in.

The art is solid and I have to say this is the first issue of Justice League of America that I have actually enjoyed.  Prior to this the only thing to look forward to was the short story about Martian the Manhunter in the back of each book. On a quick side note who wouldn’t want to see a  Manhunter monthly series written by Geoff  Johns? Anybody?  I did not think so.  It is one the untold tragedies of the New 52 that Manhunter is one of only three members of the JLA without his own monthly series.  But I digress, the only downfall of this issue is that I doubt Geoff Johns can keep this kind of magic up with this team after this crossover is done. Overall I give this issue a 3.5 out of 5.


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Superman Unchained Issue 1

     I am going to open and honest, I hate Superman and only purchased the book because of Jim Lee’s art.  The New 52 has not done anything to sway my opinion in either of the current monthly Superman books.  I wanted so badly to read this book hate it and rip it in this review but I cannot.  Scott Snyder has done a great job with Batman and after reading the first issue it looks like he is doing more of the same here.  Superman has to be the hardest character to write for because let’s face it he has almost limitless power and few enemies that could be a legitimate threat.  Snyder manages to capture the essence of what makes Superman great while avoiding what I call the” Superfriends Effect”.  For those who are not aware the “Superfriends Effect” is when characters do something awesome but it comes off completely cheesy due to execution.

    Snyder has a few irons in the fire this issue with objects falling from space, a Lex Luthor appearance, and a secret military plot.  What I loved most about this book was cliché seven weaponized objects falling to earth is truly a job for Superman. Too often Clark is doing feats that other heroes are just as easily capable of and it is about time that stops.  The only real downside to this issue was the price because $4.99 is ridiculous for thirty-two pages.  Snyder did the improbable and made a primarily Marvel guy into a Superman fan.

This issue gets 5 out of 5 from me


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Justice League Issue 20

     The cover was eye catching as Justice League covers always are masterfully done by Ivan Reis.  It was an added bonus that this cover was untouched by the Man of Steel advertisements that are a staple on a lot of other DC comics out this week.  The story starts out with the new recruits of Element Woman, Firestorm, and the Atom taking on Despero in what is supposed to be their induction ceremony. The opening pages serve as one hell of a welcome to the majors moment for these rookies. Despero walks through the new leaguers with the ease that Casper walks through walls. 

    After Element Woman and Firestorm are incapacitated by Despero without even breaking a sweat the Atom is surprisingly saved by Martian the Manhunter. The Manhunter engages Despero in a psychic duel in which we are treated to one the few moments that he cuts loose and shows his true prowess. After dismantling Despero’s mind he disappears informing the Atom to tell no one he was ever there. With the Watchtower hurdling towards earth due to damage done by Despero and the systems being down it is up to Superman to do what he does and save the earth from potential destruction.  Upon finding his recovering teammates Superman falls ill and the League discovers that Despero had on a kryptonite ring.

     What follows is in my opinion the best part of the book, the dialogue between Batman and Superman in the batcave.  The conversation the two have while Bruce reveals the plans he has in place in case any member of league ever goes rogue is one of those Kirk and Spock dynamics. The pages play out like a behind the scenes look into their friendship. Johns has alluded to a close friendship between the two but rarely is there ever any evidence of it in any of the pages until now. At the end of the issue the Atom is revealed to be a double agent for Amanda Waller and her own justice league team. The Shazam miniseries sets up the conclusion with the reveal of the ruthlessness of Black Adam. Readers find out that after his own nephew shared the wizards power to save him Adam killed his own nephew to be wizards only champion. With Adam taking Billy’s foster siblings hostage he has no choice but to transform and confront his rival.

     All and all this was a good issue and did almost everything a fan could ask for from the writers.  We found out there is a mole on the team and who she is working for along with plenty of action. The plot thickened with the discovery of the kryptonite ring on Despero, not mention adding to the anticipation of the Trinity War. Readers were reminded just how much tough the Manhunter really is when written properly. Provided a bit of a spoiler as to who could break into the batcave without leaving trace and has knowledge of batman’s true identity. It would probably have to be someone with say phasing and telepathic abilities right? The icing on the cake is that the Shazam miniseries is almost leading hopefully to a debut soon by the young Billy Batson.

This issue gets a 4 out 5

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