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From left to right: Skye, Agent Simmons, Agent Fitz, Agent Coulson, Agent May, Agent Ward


I don’t believe that there has been this much hype for a new TV show in quite some time. Ever since there was talk of the show coming to network television, people have wondered if it would be a success without Agent Coulson. Now people know that he made it through the Battle of New York, but at what extent? He spent an unknown amount of time in Tahiti recovering. But is that what really has happened? His character seems to be the Bosley to the SHIELD’s Charlie’s Angels. An older gentleman that makes his way into the field making funny quips, talking about vacation days and talking about his precious car.

It’s great to see Cobie Summers make an appearance as Maria Hill to at least introduce the series, but I wouldn’t expect to see her much in the series. I don’t know if Agent Hill would really bring anything to the show other than giving the opening report and having a satisfied or disappointed look at the end of an episode depending on how the team did.

Referring to the Avenger’s movie and Iron Man 3 was a good seg-way to the show, but it seems like they tied the movies in with the show a little too quickly. It should be spread out over the first couple of episodes so people can see if they will mention what has recently happened within the Marvel Universe. Maybe give a little back story to SHIELD so people aren’t looking for only movie references.

The show features a great cast of agents. Fitz and Simmons are a great comic relief to a serious situation as well as Agent Coulson. Agent Ward is the all-around prodigy within the group and Agent Melinda May is the veteran who stepped down from the field to take an easy desk job, who then dragged back into action with the promise of just driving a vehicle. And you have the wild card that is still undecided about joining the team, Skye. She was a member of the group called the Rising Tide, who had hacked into the SHIELD computers and knew more about what was going on in the world than they knew.

Within the first episode there was reference made to Iron Man 3 with the Extremis serum, which was the main plot point of the pilot episode. A common man, Mike Peterson, was injured on the job, and was promised to gain more strength than he could imagine. The serum was placed into his body giving him super strength, but it had the same side effects as in Iron Man 3. Fitz and Simmons had to find a way to stop the serum from making Mike explode and without shooting him so he could live to be with his son, Ace. They were able to counteract the serum with their own and were able to save Mike just moments before he was about to explode and kill everyone in a train station, which would have ended the series fairly quickly.

There is great potential for this show with past members of the Marvel Universe making quest appearances to possibly introducing characters from the next chapters of the Marvel Movie Universe. And hopefully they have Samuel L Jackson make an appearance as Nick Fury. You can never go wrong with Sam Jackson.


Uncanny Avengers Issue 8 Review

     As always lets start with the cover, by John Cassaday and Laura Martin, which is masterfully done.  There is also a Sunfire variant cover, which is a nice touch, because of the whole foreshadowing aspect. It’s no secret that Sunfire is a criminally seldom-used Marvel character, so it is nice to see him get some ink in a major book.  (Speaking of criminal, how is there no confirmed casting of Sunfire in the upcoming The Wolverine movie? I mean, he is the most popular Japanese mutant and he—as of yet—hasn’t even been mentioned! Not even a simple cameo in a movie set in Japan?) While on the subject of the Avengers’ new additions, it is great to see Wonder Man back where he belongs, along with the Wasp; it would not feel like much of an Avenger book without them. Rick Remender has definitely been putting together quite the roster for this; a nice diverse mix of characters, personalities, and abilities.

    Remender is picking up where he left off with the Uncanny X-Force, while delightfully upping the ante even more. This issue begins with Thor attempting to save millions of lives from a falling space station that is hurtling towards the Earth.  He obliterates half of it by hurling Mjolnir through it, while a last second save from Sunfire takes care of the other half. This scene is action packed and looks like something worthy of a blockbuster movie like Iron Man 3. The Apocalypse Twins, Eimin and Uriel, are back in this issue, and are making a huge splash in a short amount of time. From crashing a space station, killing a large gathering of Apocalypse worshippers, and killing a Celestial last issue, they are making their extreme power and presence known.  The twins lure Thor and Sunfire inside their ship and whisk them away to places unknown. Eimin and Uriel touch on Wolverine and Thor’s shady past with Apocalypse and his ilk and make it known they are out to make them, and the world, pay for it.

    The story moves to Sudan where Captain America, wounded and trapped, comes to the realization that this a calculated move.  Someone is pulling strings to get him in this place at this time and has been watching him since he landed. While aboard the Quinjet, Rogue and Wolverine have a conversation where Logan manages not to totally tip his hand about his knowledge of the Apocalypse Twins and Archangel. Janet comes in on the end of the conversation and shows a clear concern over this private talk between “ X-Men types”.  This is an interesting dynamic that Remender has touched on several times throughout this book.  This tension is amazingly refreshing and come on, it would be too cliché if after the Avengers vs X-Men storyline the two teams blended seamlessly after a few issues.  The icing on top of the cake about the Uncanny Avengers, is that the tension seems completely organic. In addition to the natural feel to the drama between the teams, there is no new car smell to it. This beef has been brewing for a while. The book ends with the Apocalypse Twins letting loose a powerful widespread blast of energy and with a last page of pure white.

     Overall this issue was action packed and kept the story moving. Nothing short of a feather in the cap of Remender.  I give this issue a 4.5 out 5.