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As many of you can probably guess by my past contributions, I like fighting games, and I like indie games. I also like retro games. So what better than a retro-inspiried indie fighting game? Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm is 2D fighting game designed by former SNK members that is inspired by many of the older fighting games. Having already been released in Japan, the developers are now looking to make a fully localized version for us North Americans (and presumably those of you in the PAL regions too). In order to do so, they have started an indiegogo campaign to help achieve this goal as well as fund new characters. Please feel free to visit their indiegogo page for more information, and if you like what you see don’t hesitate to throw them a few bucks to help their goal become a reality.



For anyone who has been following the story of the Skullgirls massively successful Indiegogo campaign, the beta for the PC version of the game is now available. If you backed the campaign with a donation of $36 or more then you can find your beta key on your Humble Bundle page.


If you didn’t back the game initially but wish to gain beta access anyways, fear not, because you can go to the Lab Zero website and pay $36 to purchase a beta key, which also pays for the game itself when it releases.