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Once again the Humble Indie Bundle is here, with a new array of games for your pleasure. Notably this time around, if you pay any price for the bundle you are given access to the Eets Munchies Beta, an interesting looking puzzle game that is set to release in the future. Pay above the average and you get FTL: Faster Than Light and FEZ, two of the most highly acclaimed indie titles on the market today. The other games currently showcased on the Bundle are Trine 2: The Complete Story, Mark of the Ninja, and Brutal Legend. Notably, all of these games are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, so if you’re a Mac or Linux user who has been waiting for any of these games then now is the time to grab them, which you can do here.


As is ever the case with Humble Bundles, there is sure to be more games to be added to it in the future, so stay tuned for more news.

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As noted in our last post for this, it was expected that more games would be added to the current Humble Bundle going on. These games turned out to be Metro 2033, Risen, and The Sacred Citadel. All three are available if you pay over the average, and if you already purchased the bundle then they should have been added to your purchase for free.

With less than a week remaining on this bundle, chances are we won’t see any more games added, but on the off chance something does get added, I’ll be sure to make note of it.

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Game developer Deep Silver has teamed up with the Humble Bundle to bring you the latest bundle for purchase, titled the Humble Deep Silver Bundle. You can choose to pay what you want, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. Currently you can get Saints Row 2 and 3, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and Sacred 2 Gold for any price, or if you pay above the average amount you can also get the Dead Island GoTY as well as all of the Saints Row 3 DLC. Pay $25 or more and you’ll also receive Dead Island: Riptide. The downloads include soundtracks for the various games which are all DRM free. The games require a steam account.


As is the way with these things, there will no doubt be more games added to the bundle, so stay tuned for information on those. You can find the Humble Deep Silver Bundle at the website



For anyone who has been following the story of the Skullgirls massively successful Indiegogo campaign, the beta for the PC version of the game is now available. If you backed the campaign with a donation of $36 or more then you can find your beta key on your Humble Bundle page.


If you didn’t back the game initially but wish to gain beta access anyways, fear not, because you can go to the Lab Zero website and pay $36 to purchase a beta key, which also pays for the game itself when it releases.