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For those of you who were sad to have Season 1 end, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that Season 2 has been announced! The bad news: it’s not for another 4 months away. Season 2 of Arrow is set to begin on October 9th at 8pm on the CW.

Arrow was CW’s most watched series during Season 1. Season 2 is expected to bring in more of DC’s superhero line-up, including a potential team-up. Could it be Red Arrow, who is already in the series as Roy Harper, or could it be someone like Green Arrow?

With the addition of some new heroes comes new villains. Producers have announced that there will be 2 new villains, both of which will be very recognizable figures.

For those of you that have not watched Season 1, you now have time to watch all 23 episodes!

Infinite Crisis LogoPlaying new games in beta can be exciting. Get to try out new characters, find out new abilities, and learn about the game you hope to play when it is live one day. Then you encounter the asshole trolls that have been playing the beta longer than you and bitch when you don’t know what you are doing. OF COURSE I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING, IT’S A BETA TEST!

Anyway, Infinite Crisis takes the amazing world of League of Legends and adds a DC twist to it, making it a very recognizable brand. Most people that are excited about this game are ones that have played LoL (League of Legends) and are excited for a new twist on the game.

Infinite Crisis takes DC characters from 6 different universes and puts them into one universe. You have your Prime universe, Gaslight and Nightmare (all live in beta) with characters that will also come from Arcane, Atomic and Mecha universes.

After playing a few rounds it seems that either some people are just getting frustrated, or they don’t realize what graphics settings their game is supposed to be set at. In every game, there are at least 2 people that leave the game which makes the game unfair, since it’s usually 2 from the same side. But there is still much more to discover within the game. The items you purchase seem to be similar to that of LoL. You can customize your character by purchasing skins from the store. You can buy different characters from the store as well.

From the looks of the character select screen, only about half of the playable characters are available at the moment, with more most likely to release as the street date (which is set for sometime in 2013) get closer. But as this E3 season draws to a close tomorrow, there are still many games exciting games to check out and anticipate!

And from my perspective, the race order goes like this: PS4 > Wii U > Xbox One (even though I will be getting an Xbox One).

And by the way, go sign up for the beta if you want to see more of the game play!

Check out our First video for Injustice. Our commentary track is gone, but it’s still a fun watch.

Check out a new story trailer for Injustice Gods Among Us featuring Green Lantern.


Last week during the GDC the Injustice:Gods Among Us mobile app was announced. It has currently been released on the App Store. With a healthy mix one part fighter, and one part collectible card game it should serve as a companion piece to the console version.

The mobile app will require you to set up a WB-ID that will allow for unlocks, and to share items between the mobile and console versions. Seems that the closer we get to the release for this game WB and NetherRealm really want to get our blood pumping.