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I am no connoisseur of board games. I am not the DM that knows the ins and outs of a campaign. Or a pro at buying all the appropriate properties in monopoly with an errant disregard for my opponents wallets. However, I am a lover of all these things, an expert at fun and a consumer—so let’s start there.

I had the pleasure of demo play with Livestock Uprising, a board game by Dog Might, the creators of which are Michigan natives. Already my interest was piqued before the game even began. In this line of work with examining press assets first hand you hit the stumbling blocks with independent ventures. All that glitters isn’t gold. I have had to learn that the hard way. But as I stared at the game board comprised of resource tiles and terrain (Catan players will understand perfectly), I was excited to start.

Livestock Uprising is an uplifting and all around brilliant creation. #ownit

The gameplay is between four different factions is probably the cornerstone of the amazing gameplay you are allowed through this. Whether you are playing any one of the factions (Pig, Cow, Goat, Chicken) you are guaranteed a good story to tell, or even comical animal sound imitations. Here is a brief breakdown of the benefits of the different animals you can pick.


Pigs – Higher Yields in the harvesting phase.

Cows – Defense stats highest in the game thus far.

Goats— Attack Stats highest in the game.

Chickens— Ability carts that increase number of movement tiles.

When the game begins each faction starts with three generals, these will be the flagship pieces for harvesting crops and moving along the 8×8 board. Initially the game play style is very much like a lot of tactical resource management games. But resources go for troops, each troop unlocks a new resource that can be harvested. Plus has its designated value and a combination of resources needed to amass an effective army.

Now before you start worrying about your friend Steve who is already planning on loading up on the high troop total and steam rolling the competition; there are checks and balances. Seeing as you can only have five troops per General that would make it difficult. This is not even taking into account poor Steve having to defend himself from the coming onslaught you could potentially bring to his doorstep.

Though you have to keep your guard up, at any point in the game several things can happen. One being the use of a Command Card (CC) that can tactically change the tide of battle. CC’s keep the game exciting, springing new situations to defend yourself, or just hinder your opponents Harvest phase. The operative word here should be ‘tactical’ because while it would seem easy to overtake the appropriate resources, stack up the proper troops, and still make out like a bandit on the offensive there are things you have to always remember. Such as…making a bad impression on the three other players that may in fact tag team you.

You know those moments when everything seems fretful? Where there is a player on a resource you need? Well that is where your attacks come in. It wouldn’t be much of an Uprising if it was all peaceful now would it? Dog Might studios’ game handles its own with flying colors. With the success of the present edition, the studio is going to be gearing up for a KICKSTARTER for the next expansion.

Livestock Uprising information can always be found at

Be sure to grab your own copy so you can join in the fun with your friends!