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We have been pretty lax with the content lately, but fear no more, 2015 will be the year of NerdSynq #Yanerdme. I am here to share with you the 2015 promo of the RadioShow, a few clips to wet your whistle to see how we are behind those microphones.  If you haven’t checked the show out you can find it on both iTunes and Podomatic–but here are the links and the video for your viewing pleasure!

NERDSYNQAnd here is the video we have all been waiting for at NERDSYNQ:


After working with illustration for years, artist Jennifer Creech is starting to pave her way to her career. Doing freelance work, and understanding the industry while coming into her own. Jennifer is an artist to keep your eye on, with her great command over pencils, markers, digital work, and her fresh perspective in approaching new pieces. We had a chance to sit down and talk with her about her inspirations, and how she got to this point with her talents.

Q: So we have known each other for a while and I have a general idea about the art scene in Michigan, but do you think it could grow more? In your words, how do you explain the reason so many artists find success with the public while others miss the mark?

A: The art scene will never stop growing! Everyday there’s little kids out there like “HECKYES BATMAN”, and “Rembrandt FTW.” But more importantly, there’s the kids out there who look at the packaging on their cereal boxes, and signs on bus stops, and billboards, and ads on TV and t-shirts. If you think about it, art is EVERYTHING we see, interact with, and absorb in our lives; we will always have a need for more artists, and we’re always going to be producing more talented individuals to rise to the occasion. The only reason I think some people –don’t- make it in industry is that they give up. Yeah, this is a –really- competitive field, and a lot of people don’t have the heart to wake up every morning and grind the pavement/web and put pencil to paper and kick ass. They get complacent, they get lazy, they stop caring about bettering themselves– and they make room for those of us who won’t stop until we’re dead and buried.

Q: What’s your process and your way of thinking when approaching a new project?

A: It all starts with a plan. What do I need to achieve? How does it need to get done? Timeline? Do I have the supplies to do it? Once I have those answered, I do what feels like a million and three rough sketches, pick the ones I like, clean those up, pick my favorite and then…just obsess over it until it’s done. If I don’t like where it’s going about three quarters of the way through I’ll scrap it and start over.

Q: I know you started the Pin-Up Puzzle Jam, how is that going for you?446_459750804095614_259385088_n

A: Great! I’m just about ready to package these bad boys (girls?) up and mail them off to my puzzle jam partner. I can’t wait to get the cards he’s been working on and start completing this project. It’s going to be amazing to see all the finished work once it’s published.

Q: Which mediums are you more comfortable with? And is there a medium that you would like to experiment with?

A: I absolutely adore markers and colored pencils. They’re definitely my go-to when I sit down to start a new piece. As far as experimentation, I absolutely can. not. paint. to save my life. It’s kind of sad. …I’d definitely like to work on my acrylic skills, which in turn would probably help with my digital paintings as well.

Q: Are there any current projects you are excited to work on?318114_452019824868712_1656554585_n

A: Right now I’m just doing freelance work and anything that catches my eye. I’ve got a couple of t-shirts that I have designs for that I’d like to see finished up- but I’m also working on a couple of contest entries just to keep my mind sharp and my creative juices flowing.


For more information on Jennifer Creech follow her on Twitter and Facebook


Such powerhouse teamsFor those of you who partake in the Facebook gaming world, you might see it as a quick release from your work day or some time after work playing a couple games with friends. Sometimes you spend real money on the game to gain an upper hand on friends and family members in said games. Then one day a company releases a statement announcing that as of June 14, 2013 the game will cease to exist. Any remaining real life money you put into the game should be spent by said date because you are not going to be getting any of it back.

Here is what was posted on Facebook on the Sims Social page:

The Sims Social is Closing Down

The decision to retire older EA games is never an easy one to make but in order to re-allocate servers and resources to more popular titles we are removing The Sims Social from Facebook. Players who still have a balance of in-game currency are encouraged to spend it before the game is shut down on 14th June and is no longer available for play.

So it’s pretty much a huge FUCK YOU to the consumer, showing once again how great of a company EA is. Even though I am a fan of the athletic titles that they put out, I don’t like how they just shit on everyone around them. But it’s no wonder they were awarded the Worst Company in America for the second year running. That, my friends, is what is called a repeat champion! The readers of The Consumerist, a consumer-watchdog website, had a bracket style tournament of the worst of the worst. They beat out such powerhouses as AT&T, Wal-mart, Comcast, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Bank of America. In the final round, EA beat Bank of America with a 78% vote.

EA could not be a worse company even if they tried. So many people love the Sims platform and play it on Facebook, but EA wants to get rid of a game that is making them money? So what if it’s old. Sims 3 released in fuckin 2009 and you are still making expansions. Shit, they are releasing The Sims 3: Island Paradise, the 10th expansion, in June! So obviously people love the game. Just make expansions of the Facebook version as well. All you gotta do is change the main version into a crappier Facebook version. You guys are good at putting out crap. Let the people keep their in game money that they spent real money on and ride this thing out. You have over 5 million monthly users. If even half of them spend $1 a month, you just made 2.5 million fucking dollars. And all along I thought EA was just in it for the money…..

For those who don’t believe, read about the shutdown for yourself.