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A screenshot of the full roster from Injustice Gods Among Us has surfaced and has confirmed Ares and Killer Frost. Ares is a Wonder Woman villain, obviously he is the God of War, but this will help if you have no idea who he is. Killer Frost is a villain of Firestorm’s, which hopefully means he will show up eventually. Does this news disappoint or excite you? Who do you want to see as a DLC character? Let us know below!!




Tomb Raider PC Max Settings Let's Synq and Play

Well, if you were like me and were hoping for some story DLC for Tomb Raider, we are out of luck. Karl Stewart, Global Brand director for the series explained on Reddit, that there are currently no plans for story based DLC. It’s a disappointing thing for gamers everywhere who loved the story, but the found the multiplayer to be lacking. Interestingly enough he uses the caveat “for now” at the end of his post. Maybe that could change if we seem interested enough in it, publishers do like their money.


Today Capcom announced that it will be bringing characters and creatures of Valve’s hugely popular Zombie shooter into the PC version of Resident Evil 6, and vice versa for LFD2. In the Resident evil 6 PC-exclusive No Mercy mode, Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle will be playable. The witch and the mini-tank will also be featured in the DLC, which will be coming April 5, and will be downloaded in the background once available. Also, RE6 enemies Lepotitsa, Napad, and Ogroman will become available in Left for Dead 2 sometime this spring! Interestingly enough, these were created by Capcom using Valve’s Steam Workshop toolset.