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Its totally okay, we are trying to get the lunch time crowd with this one. We talked about Majora’s Mask and Amiibo shortages, outrageous claims of Mario Kart glory yet to be seen, and recapped Starr Mazer. Come hangout with the Nerdsynq Crew as we regale you with a surplus of information and a lovely freestyle battle between James and Ballsrog. Tune in to this weeks show, share, like, subscribe!






I’ve been trying to approach this topic from a completely nonbiased, uninvested standpoint—but unfortunately that isn’t going to happen. For 13 years this moment has played out in my head, and I didn’t quite know what to make of it once it came through the pipeline. However, I think I know exactly what to call this feeling I have, relief. It’s been far too long since the release of the first spider-man movie and at that time I was excited, really really excited; kind of like a teenage girl at a Justin Beiber concert. Continue Reading…


When you think about Michigan, I don’t think many would consider having a comic book company in our own backyard. But if you look really close at conventions, be it Fanfare or Motor City, you can catch the guys from Decayed Minds (DM) Comics rocking out like there is no tomorrow. Filled with a great ensemble of personality between the three gents, they have more than enough potential to change the game. The priority for them is a simple one: Make comics that the people would like to read, and make it as interesting as possible. Starting out in 2005 and not even pulling the brakes on this train through hard times they have cultivated their own stamp on the local industry.

For a three man ship, DM Comics doesn’t pull any punches and sports an all-star lineup of books. There is a massive amount of creativity between the three friends that have started this company. Chad Kovach, Head of DM Comics, brings stellar writing direction for two of their three flag ship comics; True Power and American Bloodlust. The scope of his vision isn’t limited by any means, and it is ensured to continue to grow with the talents of both Brian Shopp, True Power artist and co-writer, and Rob Kaminski, artist for American Bloodlust. Rob Kaminski (Rob K.) also writes and draws his own book, Ramen.

With the high dedication to the fans and striving to never sacrifice their own creative visions, each of their lineup books bring a unique flavor, sporting ideas which some wouldn’t ever consider—which encompasses all of the charm and mysticism packed in every page. Well thought out stories wrapped up in art that will make your skin crawl with excitement. Decayed Minds earns every inch of praise that they can get because of the passion, and hard work put forward to meet deadlines. To the creators, I say keep up the good work–what they do is rare, and that is producing content without fear; while doing a damn good job at it.


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Last week during the GDC the Injustice:Gods Among Us mobile app was announced. It has currently been released on the App Store. With a healthy mix one part fighter, and one part collectible card game it should serve as a companion piece to the console version.

The mobile app will require you to set up a WB-ID that will allow for unlocks, and to share items between the mobile and console versions. Seems that the closer we get to the release for this game WB and NetherRealm really want to get our blood pumping.