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Justice League of America Issue 3 Review

     As always let’s start with the cover. I may be in the minority, but I am really enjoying the fold out covers DC has been producing lately. It brings back memories of the early to mid-nineties covers when there was an anniversary or a crossover going on.  The fold out not only makes every issue seem like an event, but hints at the story inside.  It is a decent cover, done by the wonderful David Finch, with Martian the Manhunter and Hawkman coming to the aide of Green Arrow while Katana looks on in disbelief.  The attacker is Catwoman with her trademark whip coiled around the neck of Green Arrow. The caption reads, “Who is the traitor in their midst?” 

     The prologue opens with a public service announcement featuring Stargirl being broadcast on television.  Following the P.S.A., Amanda Waller informs Stargirl that the team has gone on a mission that she cannot be a part of due to her being the public face of the team, and any harm or injury coming to her would be unacceptable.  The story then jumps to a fight between the team and the big three: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.  Katana severs Wonder Woman’s head from her body, revealing that our favorite Amazon is really a robot.  The battle concludes with Vibe letting loose a widespread blast that destroys the androids and brings the action to an abrupt end.  Katana suspects the Catwoman of being a traitor due to her disappearance before the attack. Yet after a quick mind scan, Manhunter deduces that she is not the traitor. 

   The team then sets up a robbery scenario for Catwoman during which she is arrested by the League to maintain the ruse that she is not a member of the team—and to drum up notoriety with the media.  The false robbery is interrupted by Green Arrow when it appears that Catwoman is escaping capture.  When the news helicopters arrive, Green Arrow appeals for his own position in the League and promises to keep Catwoman’s involvement a secret.  The main story ends with Catwoman going undercover in Arkham Asylum, with the intent of infiltrating the Secret Society of Super-Villains. It is—of course—successful.  (There is a mini story at the end of the book that gives a bit of background information on both Manhunter and Catwoman during the aforementioned mind scan. Manhunter sees Ms. Kyle’s life through his own eyes and Selina sees Manhunter’s past through hers.)
Final thoughts on this issue: the story is moving slower than Sherman Klump in quicksand.  I’m not sure if Geoff Johns is being spread too far over too many books, but after three issues the setup should be done. Which is clearly not the case here.  So far, this team does not have enough to be anything more than a pale imitation of the Justice League and I’m afraid it never will.  Perhaps this should have been a miniseries instead of an ongoing monthly in order to set up a fight between the Justice Leagues.  If I may paraphrase Peter Griffin, there are a few things that really “grind my gears” about this book.  The first is that why wouldn’t Martian the Manhunter—arguably the most powerful psychic mind on the planet—know that he is not fighting against living beings?  Secondly, if the plan from issue one holds up, how is Katana in any way a match for Wonder Woman?  If Johns has something up his sleeve with this book he had better pull it out quick before this book gets axed. 

This issue gets a 2 out of 5 stars and has some serious work to do.

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