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What’s up ladies and gentleman! 2014 is coming to a close and we are hoping that 2015 really turns everything around. We have great writers coming on board, and more than enough content to post for your viewing pleasure–but we forgot to mention that we have a new show. These very very important things that slip our minds. For that we apologize for not trafficking it through the appropriate channels, but we hope you enjoy it nonetheless.








Electronic Arts is planning a media event to reveal Battlefield 4 on March 26, which coincides with the Game Developers Conference being held in San Francisco during the same week. The publisher is claiming “to celebrate a new era of Battlefield”. The game was announced last July, and a beta is planned in the fall for owners of Medal of Honor: Warfighter. A nice bonus that may actually be worth more than the game itself. There also may be another reason to be excited. According to a report from last May, Dice was also allegedly working on Battlefield: Bad Company 3. Does this news excite you? Which game would you be most looking forward to seeing? Sound off below!!