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New Assassin’s Creed Unity Screenshots

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The Big N is dropping two DLCs for Mario Kart 8

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If you’re looking for more teasers for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity, you’ve found them. Today’s shots are a mix of concept art and in game pics. We’ve got everything from views of palatial estates to an enticing look at multiple assassins for coop. For my taste I could stand for the city to be a little more gritty, but so far the unwashed masses are looking fantastic.  And yes, we have a tasty video for you too.  Life is good, no?




Shady guys on rooftop wonder what that guy is dumping in the river


An attack on the red pants crew


Party crashing like it’s 1879!


No one gets between Arno and his pie


It is depressing when it rains


This is why you close and lock your windows


When you’re making a shady deal in the middle of the night, bring a friend


Pie thief found!