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This was an awesome show, full of conspiracy and intrigue. James & Ballsrog express their fright of Albino Lullaby, and with the announcement for X-Files Ballsrog tells the tale of the dark side of the moon. We are joined by a very special guest Ernesto who tells of his top two moments in the podcasts history.


This week on Nerdsynq Total Nerd:

We have the opportunity to interview the development duo for Dead Years, an awesome zombie survival game, that allows you to play as the trusty companion; your dog! Also on this show we talk about cosplay and Nintendo’s push to new frontiers.WWE Cosplayers dressing up for an event, new standards set on cosplay at conventions, and when adoration of cosplay goes to far. All that packed into our two hour block.


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Check out the latest episode of Total Nerd where we talk about Smart Watch tech, price point differences between Apple Watch and the new Pebble! There is a lot of debate between following a fandom or effectiveness. The show is happy to also have Tsuki back! She is fresh from adventure in PAX and she brings goodies, Monster Hunter Jerky, Indie Dev news–and he feelings on the Expo overall! Click on the picture below to unleash the awesome! #yanerdme Be sure to follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram so you can keep up with your favorite nerdy crew!10380900_812320468813950_8963390489880599181_n b

Its totally okay, we are trying to get the lunch time crowd with this one. We talked about Majora’s Mask and Amiibo shortages, outrageous claims of Mario Kart glory yet to be seen, and recapped Starr Mazer. Come hangout with the Nerdsynq Crew as we regale you with a surplus of information and a lovely freestyle battle between James and Ballsrog. Tune in to this weeks show, share, like, subscribe!





Come hangout with us on another Episode of NerdSynq – Total Nerd! Let us help you sooth those awful pains of getting through the work day without comfort, or something to entertain you! We bring you another show on time, fitting into your just before Lunch schedule!  Tell your friends, tell your family #yanerdme