We are a small community of writers that decided to pool our resources together so we could bring information to the masses. Tune in here for our news.


Nerd Synq was developed mid August 2012. The premise was basic: create a site that would give unbiased opinions. Initially our intent was to have this site geared towards reviews of video games, but upon further analysis we discovered our interests spanned many more genres. For years we have searched for honest reviewers of games, movies, comics, and other topics geared towards nerds and we found most were lacking. Those select few are funded by “Umbrella” corporations and are controlled by the corporate machine to quell honest opinions. Nerd Synq encompasses a myriad of ideas with the concept of blurring the lines between the “nerdisms” to bring everyone together. Its main focus and strength is nonbiased promotion of not only independent developers and games, but independent creators. A strong belief of the company is that every creator deserves their due, and with that hopefully everyone’s work can be displayed through Nerd Synq. Synchronizing innovation and creation for the common nerd, it means Nerd Synq is here for the fans to give them a place to congregate and to strengthen the culture. For this reason we exist. It is our vow to give you (our humble and exalted fans) our honest opinions and views no matter if we remain a small start up or grow to be nationally recognized.


Our Mission

We are here to be a supplier, giving our fans the information that they need to delve into new nerdisms and the culture. Dedicated to making sure they are given a source of reference and material that can be continuously trusted.

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