The Legend of Zelda 3ds.

Mr. Grimm. —  26/02/2015 — Leave a comment

Where do I begin? I have been waiting for this remake for fifteen years. There is no denying that I am a rabid legend of Zelda fan and will play just about any game they make. Out of all the games on all the platforms Majora’s mask remains my favorite. Any way you cut it this game is amazing.

First lets look at my favorite angle. The game theorist angle. It is a long held belief that this game is in reality the story of the Hero of Time’s death. Starting from the drop into the vast pit and following through the several stages and boss battles this theory contends that Link has died and is in a limbo state before crossing over into the afterworld. The conflict of the game and most of the puzzles do bear striking resemblances to the stages of grief and a lot of symbolism throughout seems to support the theory. Even without blatantly stating that this game is about death and that everyone you meet is dead and that this is all some kind of lesser hell this game is creepy. The dark over tones, the subject matter, that freaky mask salesman. Everything about this game is darker and unusual. The resemblance of certain characters to parallels in Ocarina of Time is meant to represent dreams conjured by links dying mind or in an even darker but less substantiated claim, the ghosts of people Link never got to meet. The last and arguably most convincing evidence is the fact that Nintendo has asserted that the ghost in twilight princess is indeed the remains of the Hero of Time and that he died with his life unfulfilled. Being that I am hopelessly drawn to the creepy and darker things in life this suits me quite nicely.

On the other hand we have the people who are surprisingly more negative than I am. They believe that the game was thrown together quickly and that the similarities between characters is simply the result of Nintendo not having time to create new characters. They assert that Majora’s Mask is simply the left over data that didn’t get used by Ocarina of Time thrown together and pushed out the door for Nintendo to try and make an extra dollar or two. Now I may not subscribe to this theory but I can certainly appreciate it because if that is indeed the truth then this is the most well put together last minute bluff I have ever seen. I have built my entire academic career out of doing things haphazardly at the last minute with whatever was lying around. You’re telling me that this game is essentially the same thing? How could I not love that?

When this brand new version hit the market I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it, and missed. The game sold out state wide and I had to wait a week to get it. They released a special Majora’s mask edition new 3ds and that sold out within an hour. At the time of this article you can’t find this 3ds for less than five hundred dollars right now! What the hell Nintendo?

I haven’t even taken on the first boss yet and I am absolutely in love with everything about this game. Everything is smoother, the controls, the graphics, the music. This truly is an improvement in every way. The game is highly entertaining and the side quests are just as engaging as ever. I can’t wait to really get into the meat of this game. Stay tuned for updates.

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