The Power Rangers short.

Mr. Grimm. —  24/02/2015 — Leave a comment

Let me lead off by saying I was never a power rangers fan. When I was young my parents refused to let me watch it. When I was impressionable I just touted my parents opinions of the show. Then when I’d grown enough to think for myself I found the show to be unapologetically crappy. Keep all that in mind when I tell you, foJidhgsgdhadsgh’ljhskjdffdnvc!!!!! YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHORT!!!! Someone needs to make this into a full film right now! I’m not even going to drag this out. This was directed by Joseph Kahn. A director who has mostly worked on music videos. His most famous film credit is Torque. I know I know! Ignore that. Just check this out: CLICK IT!!

Adi Shankar is the producer of this bootleg and is also responsible for two of my other favorite fan films about Venom and The Punisher You should probably check this out first actually: TIME FOR A SUPA CLICK!!!

On behalf of myself and all my imaginary friends thank you Adi Shankar.

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