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Mr. Grimm. —  23/02/2015 — Leave a comment

Okay two things. Everyone needs to go check out Vidar on kickstarter right now. Seriously. They have three days left to go and this game is absolutely amazing. This is an immersive rich RPG with a truly fantastic twist. Everyone dies. That isn’t to say no matter what you do you end up losing, or that the point of the game is to die. No, you are on a quest to save the village of Vidar from a monstrous beast. You will need to assist the town folk in side quests in order to accomplish this goal. Sounds pretty straight forward yeah? Well here’s the kicker. The town’s people all live interconnected lives. They all have relationships to one another. Some or obvious while others are subtle. The monster you are trying to defeat randomly kills a town’s person a night. This random generation of kills changes everything from interactions to available quests. It graciously pays homage to all the dungeon classic puzzles we grew up with as kids, or are discovering now if you’re part of the younger of our species. Vidar also has random dungeon generators so it’s a different challenge every time you play the game.  Lately I’ve been noticing a trend with indie games. They are all trying to develop an engaging way to keep their games relevant and playable by changing key elements in order to make their game feel fresh every time you play. Personally I think that’s fantastic especially when you don’t have the same clout as the AAA industry. Vidar from what I can tell isn’t a game that looks and feels new every time you start over.  It IS a new game every time you start over. With a constantly evolving narrative and changing environment you have the opportunity to open a new world and experience a new story every single time. There is so much intricacy in this game and so much effort has gone into its creation it deserves a shot.

On top of all that it’s named after one of the most badass Norse gods of all time. Tiny mythology lesson for you, Vidar was a son of Odin. He was the guy the other gods called on when everything went to hell. Thor can’t pick something up? Call Vidar. Loki acting like an ass? Call Vidar. Odin get eaten by a giant wolf that is threatening to eat the cosmos and end existence forever? CALL VIDAR! This guy was literally the strong silent type. He never spoke. He was also described as having a thick heavy leather shoe. Supposedly created from the collected scraps of discarded toes and heels of everyone else’s shoes from the history of like forever. Sounds funny right? Big silent guy with what could today be considered a club foot. This guy steps into Fenrir’s mouth. Stamps down with that big damn shoe on Fenrir’s lower jaw and then with his bare hands, rips Fenrir’s head off! Separates the upper and lower jaw like it was nothing. Then he rides out Ragnorak like it’s no big deal, and settles down in the field where Asgard used to be and just chills. We have a chance to play a game named after this guy!

The kickstarter has three days left. Go check it out Here:  Vidar

I want to give credit where credit is due here. I originally found out about this game over at Paige Six’s blog. You should absolutely check it out sometime. Also clearly check out http://thisisanothercastle.com/

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Okay Whupbam! Done. Come on people. Let’s get this game across the finish line!

Oh wait! Wait wait hold on. Come back! The second thing, I almost forgot. Uhm my wordpress seems to be in Czech or Scandinavian or something and I don’t read either language. I have no idea how this happened or how to fix it. What the hell? @_@

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