Starr Mazer.

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There is no introduction I can supply that will do this project justice. Even if I were to track all the readers of this post and send each and every one of you two elephants, three pyro-technicians and four clowns engaged in a grudge match to the death straight to your front doorstep it would fall shamefully short of the fanfare that this game deserves.

As usual I am David, or Mr. Grymm as nobody is more familiar with. My job is to make you understand why you need to crave this game. By the time this is over you will feel it in your soul that you have to have this game.

Hailing from Seattle Washington, the same origin of one of musics most revolutionary musicians of all time Kenny G. Seriously though I looked it up, the entire grunge movement came from Seattle. Like I get you expected me to say Curt Cobain and Nirvana but you could put a blindfold on and throw a dart at a wall of grunge bands and no matter what you hit it’d be a band from Seattle. Anyway Starr Mazer is of Don Thacker’s baby. Don is the co-founder of Imagos softworks, which is the company that is helping to bring us the amazement that is Starr Mazer. Don Thacker also happens to be a director with nine films to his credit. He’s and Imagos are responsible for Motivational Growth which if this were a film review I’d be telling you to shove that in your face right now. This is not a film review however and therefore I don’t officially care, officially. 


Seriously look at that! How do you not want to just get all over that right now!

This is where things get nommy. Starr Mazer isn’t just another retro throw back neo arcade nostalgia game. Even if it was, who could hate on that? Those games are epic. Starr Mazer is an epic infusion of the point and click genre and the horizontal side scrolling shoot em up genre. If any of those are unclear think of Maniac Mansion and Myst for your P.N.C. references. Remember Myst? That game that made you tear their hair out in the nineties? That game was single handedly responsible for more computer related foot injuries than any other of that decade. As for the Shmups think of Gradius, or R-type.

If you were to take the absolute best things of those genres and throw on some Barry White you still wouldn’t get this perfect love child because it takes it even further than that!

They went dusted off two of the most underrated genres of all time. They synthesized them together into some beautiful highly polished gaming experience, and introduced something they’re calling open middled gameplay. Where the beginning and ends of each scene all flow flawlessly together but your choices in the middle of these scenes affects the order and outcome of these scenes. With this method they have essentially created a different game every time you play it.

Seriously. Get on Kickstarter fund this while you still have a chance, find this, and when you can play this game!

starr-mazer_vikingr88-supersystemAs always feel free to leave a comment.

As always feel free to leave a comment.

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