Rogue Legacy.

Mr. Grimm. —  05/02/2015 — Leave a comment

Not much on background info for Rogue Legacy. The game was made by cellar door games, an indie game company out of Toronto.

Rogue Legacy puts you in control of a pretty unconventional knight storming a castle. I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s awesome game skills parade but you’re going to die. That’s sort of the point of the first few though. In this game once you die the task of storming the stormy castle on a rainy night falls to your heir, not you. Cause you’re dead. Deadly dead dead. Fear not your children shall carry on in your stead and fight in your honor, and die in your honor too cause they’re going to die, so many times. I’m not even close to the first level boss and I’m like ten generations down.

Let’s take a second to meet the family. Every time you die you can choose from one of three randomly generated heirs with random skills and traits. Anything from gigantism and dwarfism, to glaucoma and insanity. Some of the traits are helpful like being faster than others is you have ADHD, others can be a hindrance, like if you have far sightedness everything that’s close to you become blurry.

The dungeon gets randomly generated as well so every time you step inside its a whole different ball game. You can purchase a blacksmith, an enchantress, and an architect who will all assist you on your quest to accomplish your goal all for a fee of course. I highly recommend it. It’s incredibly addicting and definitely worth part of whatever pocket change you call a paycheck.

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