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This week on total Nerd, we are joined by Don Thatcher from Imagos Softworks & Films who gives us an inside look into Starr Mazer, Inspirations, Dreams and total greatness of the game. Starr Mazer is set to release April 2016, but there is in fact a kickstarter where you can support the SHMUP space adventure! Also we have Tsuki back in the studio after a substantial hiatus, and she lets us know about some of her adventures at PAX South. A long time listener Seth Macy calls in with Mortal Kombat X news, and Ballsrog poses a very intense question, along with a brand new rap for the haters! Tune in every Thursday from 4-6 on       NERDSYNQ We are also bringing you the Cranbrook University Interviews video, to go along with this TGIF vibe. January is coming to an end, but February will be full of more Awesome Cranbrook adventures! February 12th is Love After Dark, the closer we get, the more information you guys will have! Last but not least, we bring it full circle with the STARR MAZER Kickstarter, pledge to this game and get tons of amazing rewards, go on check it out. Once in a great while a game comes along to grab you by the nostrils and summon all of your skill. This is that game, this is that great while. 82905a828bb2b6e1f1be6f043fb9f6e7_large Huge thank you to the Starr Mazer team, and to Don Thatcher for coming onto the show, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter: @Imagossoftworks & @starrmazer facebook /starrmazer or  /imagosfilms

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