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Alright this arbitrary post is going to be short and sweet cause this is all you need to know about the comics that should be in your sausage graspers right freaking now okay? This is what you need, and if I feel frisky why you need it to redeem whatever terrible decisions you made in 2014. You want to start 2015 right? You want to maybe suck a little less, and have given your life a little bit of depth before you depart the mortal coil? You want to accomplish that with as little effort as humanely possible? Then read the list! I mean, don’t just read the list. Read everything on the list. If you really needed me to clarify maybe I don’t want you reading this, it could change your life. You might live longer because of it, and I don’t want that kind of responsibility on my soul knowing that I helped stymie that natural order from doing what it’s supposed to by taking you out of the game early.

Right, so to sum up if when I wrote read the list you thought just read the list, go play with blocks or something, everyone else have fun!.

5. The Crow. Set in a  seedy and fictionalized version of Detroit back in the nineties James O’barr took all the pain and misery he had felt and wove it into a gothic masterpiece. The rage he felt seemed to ink the pages and the endless well of sorrow drove his dialogue throughout the entire piece. Many of you will be familiar with he movie, this isn’t the movie. This graphic novel captures the message and intent of this story in a way that sadly film just can’t. Read this.

4. Saga. Jumping from the somber notes of the Crow to a lighter more upbeat story brings us to Saga. This tale of intergalactic romance in time of war is cute and humorous. It’s a war story so clearly there is plenty of action and blood and death and sex. Lots of sex. Actually to be fair I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many drawn dicks in one project before. Maybe don’t let your kids read this one, but you should. Solid dialogue, great storytelling if not wholly original, then again what is? And incredibly imaginative. The Varity of creatures alone is worth it.

3. Sandman. Written by Neil Gaiman this story tells the adventures Morpheus lord of dreams. In this world your dreams come from and return to his realm. He is the master and creator. It’s a dark often haunting story that weaves its way through the entire d.c. universe.

2. American Vampire. This was my introduction to both Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy. The story is fantastic, spanning sixty years so far it tells the tale of the first American vampire and the ripple effect his genesis causes. The product of  an accident brought on by an errant prisoner transport he escapes and causes havoc across the old west. It is an indispensable read.

1. The stuff of legend. Ever been afraid of  the boogeyman? Ever own a teddy bear? Ever play with toys growing up, or now? Then this is the kidney punch in the feels you’ve needed. Mike Raicht, Brian Smith and Charles Paul Wilson III come together to share the odyssey of a band of toys that brave the darkness of the closet to save their boy from the clutches of the boogeyman. This is the one story you cannot pass up. If there is any emotion in your soul at all you have to read this.


Read the Wake by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy this was by far my favorite to have come out this year. I don’t want to risk spoiling anything by describing it, that and I’m lazy and want to go back to playing video games. Check it out those two are by far my favorite duo in the comic world right now. Leave comments below and check out my independent blog 365 well in a few days I’m not really starting it until the first.

2 responses to I LOVE COMICS


    East Of West is probably my favorite must read right now. Anyone not getting this title is only hurting themselves.


    Alex +Ada is a good short series. Issue 12 is coming out this month and it’s sadly the last. The story is solid and it’s worth a read.

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