Gotham: Selina Kyle

PallyDOTS —  30/09/2014 — Leave a comment

Gotham’s second episode had a great story line that kept my anticipation from last weeks episode pushing forward for the episode next week. The reviews of the episodes will not be as in-depth as the first one was, since it was the first of the series. There might be a little bit of a spoiler in them, but that will be listed if that happens.

This episode brings in a new villain in the mix. Even though he is new to Gotham, we have seen him before on TV. The Doll Maker is his name and he was in an episode of Arrow in season 2 where he took Laurel Lance and tried to make her into a doll. There is not much information about him in this episode, just that he is buy Gotham homeless teens. This is done by a knock-out drug that was used in Arkham Asylum when it was open 15 years prior. It is distributed by a man and a woman that do not have names. This could lead to them possibly being the Joker and Harley Quinn. But that is too early to know.

The penguin kills one man when he is picked up as a hitchhiker 9 miles outside of Gotham and steals the car and rents a trailer down the road. He sends a ransom message to the guys mother but she does not believe it to be true.

Now I am not a critic by any means of an actors ability, but as a person who likes to be entertained, the acting and story-line within the show so far has been great and has kept me on the edge of my seat.

Gotham airs Monday nights at 8pm eastern of FOX.



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