Gotham: Background of Batman

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Now I am not a connoisseur of DC comics by any means, I mean, I enjoy them. Not as much as the Marvel brand. But I was intrigued by the new fox show coming out this fall. Usually during the first issue, or in this case first episode, the writer tells the origin story of the main character of the book. In the case of Gotham, there was an origin story of about five characters. There was a lot packed into this first episode. This is not just a quick overview of the first episode. Any after this one will be shorter.

First the good guys. You got new detective of the GCPD James Gordon. He is a war hero who wants to do everything “by the books.” There is also his girlfriend or fiance (it was not said which it is) Barbara Kean. She runs an art gallery. Bruce Wayne along with his parents Martha and Tom. Then there is of course Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s trusty butler.

Next, the “good guys.” Detective Harvey Bullock. Works for the GCPD but is a little crooked, as are all the cops in Gotham it seems. Carmine Falcone somewhat fits this category as well, since we only see him for a minute. He is the head mobster in the city and runs all the organized crime.

Then the rest of the cast are the bad guys. Black Cat, Oswald (The Penguin), Ivy Pepper (she is a child, so maybe she isn’t bad yet) and Fish Mooney (owns a club in Gotham).

The plot starts from the very beginning of the Batman story-line, of which Batman is not going to appear in at all. Black Cat mugs a lady of milk and a man of his wallet. She goes to an alley behind the theater to feed her cat the milk. Bruce, Martha and Tom are walking out of the theater, going down an alley to get a cab to go back home. They get mugged by a man with shinny shoes, Tom gives up his wallet, Martha gives her pearls, then they are both shot by the mugger. The gun gets pointed at Bruce and he decides not to shoot him. Black Cat sees the whole thing happen. Gordon and Bullock are assigned to the case before they know what the story is and who was killed. Once Bullock finds out it’s the Wayne family, he wants out, but Gordon is already talking to Bruce about what happened. Jim (Gordon) makes a promise to Bruce that they will find the killer and bring him to justice.

Gordon and Bullock are getting nowhere with their investigation, so they go see Fish Mooney, who runs a club in the theater district of Gotham. If there is anything that happens in the theater district, she knows. She gives Bullock some information while Gordon is checking out some noise in the back, Oswald (The Penguin) and a couple other employees of Mooney beating up another employee for stealing. Bullock gets information that a man named Mario Pepper is the man that killed the Waynes. Here we meet his daughter, Ivy, who is watering and playing with the plants that are all over the apartment. Mario runs out of the apartment and after a chase, he is shot down by Bullock.

At this point the murderer of the Waynes is said to be brought to justice. Then we see Oswald getting into a cop car of a major crimes officer and telling them that Mario was framed by Fish and the GCPD. After a visit from Gordon, Mooney figures out that Oswald was the one that told the cops, since he was the only one to see her with Martha’s pearls. So she beats Oswald and teaches him a lesson that it is not good to go behind her back. At this point, she knocked out Gordon when she met with him because he was getting too close to the truth. He gets tied up and taken to a slaughter house where Fish wants him killed.

Barbara is worried when she doesn’t hear from Gordon for a whole night and talks to Bullock. He goes to where he thinks Gordon will be, the slaughter house. He talks to Fish to get Gordon off the hook, but instead threatens her, making her goons hang him up as well. As the butcher Frank is about to kill the two, Falcone comes in and kills the goons and says that the only person that is allowed to kill cops in Gotham is him. Falcone has a talk with Gordon, telling him how he and Gordon’s father were very close, and how Gordon’s father was the best D.A he had ever seen.

Gordon and Bullock drive to the docks and get out and go to the trunk of the car. In the back is Oswald. Falcone wants Gordon to take Oswald to the end of the dock and shoot him to show that he is on board with all the corruption in Gotham. Gordon does not want to kill a man in cold blood. Once they get to the end, Gordon tells Oswald not to come back to Gotham ever, and shoots next to his head, throwing him into the lake. Bullock has a smile on his face that Gordon is with the program.

The episode ends with Gordon meeting in Bruce and saying that the real killer is still out there and that if Bruce were ok with it, he would continue his search for the real killer. Black Cat is sitting outside of Wayne Manor to see Gordon there. Other side of the lake from the docks, Oswald comes out of the water and kills a fisherman for his food,

There was A LOT going on in the first episode and I had to watch it twice. There are a few things that I did not put in there either because I forgot them or they were not as important to the story. The show seems to be very well done, a nice action.drama for the nerd in all of us. I recommend taking a look at it, even if you are not a fan of DC or of Batman or know anything about them. This is a great starting point because they are doing the origins of many characters and could get a lot of people interested in the most popular character in all of comics, Batman.



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