FINALLY. Destiny reviewed.

Mr. Grimm. —  13/09/2014 — Leave a comment

After another extended hiatus, much soul searching, and embarking on an epic quest I have returned yet again to bring you another exciting update into the fantastic world of what I’m playing. I have learned three things on this premature sabbatical. 1. I am terrible at putting up articles with regularity. 2. Calling homework an epic quest does nothing for the entertainment value of it, or my perceived value of it for that matter <_< >_>. 3. I cannot for the life of me remember where I put my soul.


Yaay one paragraph in and I’m making tired self referential jokes about my moral compass. It’s like highschool! WHEEE.

Speaking of WHEEE lend me your eye piggies for a moment so I can make them cry WHEE WHEE WHEE all the way to your nearest retailer and force you adopt your very own one of a kind copy of Destiny.

I have been playing this game non stop since it came out on September 10th.  From the midnight release to today I have scoured maps, fought off hordes of relentless enemies, and faced down some of the most intense guardians in the game. I have been chewed up. That sense of ass whoopin left me feeling stung and anxious to improve. This is a game that actually brings difficulty back into play. Several different strategies are made available to use and you should explore them all.

As a large mmo this game features many different play styles and exquisitely caters to the wants and needs of many types of players. To the digital soldier there is a solid co op that allows you to get your buddies, or even strangers to help you achieve your aims. While still making the option available to go it alone so as not to alienate the more aloof player such as myself. What’s nice is you don’t have to be on the same mission to help or be helped. As long as a player is on the map with you they can provide support. Anything from taking out a few enemies to keep you from getting overwhelmed to helping you bump off a boss.

Taking a leaf out of Borderlands book they also bring leveling up to the table. With stats and upgradable equipment your character is constantly growing. I just tore myself away at level 17 after trying out my new subclass and I cannot wait to get back to it. The story line is solid. The graphics are amazing. The terrain and environment are astounding. Seriously, especially if you like to go it alone USE THE ENVIRONMENT. Shadows that give away enemy positions, crows nests for you to snipe and thin the herd, explosive gold glowy brick thingies!

Now its not all amazing. I’m a particularly bitter, lazy, unaccomplished writer. Which means I know just enough to be critical of everyone else’s work and having nothing to show for my own. (yet) My writing is like wine, or milk, we’ll see when it hits the shelves okay? Get off my back geez. Anyway, before another diatribe sets in let me tell you what this game is in my opinion lacking.

I don’t have all of the story figured out yet and while game play is solid story is eeeehhh. It’s not terrible don’t get me wrong, its just standard, so far. You’re a hero on a clandestine quest to prevent some great and terrible evil that will wipe out all of everything that ever was and it also happens to be sooooooper ancient. Whoo tingles. I’m sorry its hard to feel special and wrapped up in the suspension of disbelief when every other player is the one clandestine quest given corpse that will save the universe. Oh btw in this game, you’re dead, or were anyway. Neat little twist there. Which brings me to the my last major hang up. NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Most of the dialogue is ripped straight from a hundred novels/movies I’ve seen before. The characters are flat. You have this really angry guy right? He’s the queen’s brother and he hates your ass. Just fffffffuuu- hates it, and so far I have no idea why. He’s just a dick. No original lines at all. No backstory. Nothing. No i’m not all the way through the game maybe that comes later sure. Buuuuut then there is your character to consider. If they were a completely silent protagonist I’d get it. I wouldn’t like it but I’d get it. My character is played by Crispen Freeman, whom unless you have no idea what electricity is you’ve heard before. I promise. He talks, and asks questions, and at one point even cracks a joke. BUT ITS ROBOTIC. The dialogue falls flat and he has no personality. For instance this guy that hates you right, sarcastic and cutting, and your character, just takes it. Eyes them suspiciously says “I understand” and leaves. It’s like they were trying to make a character and forgot how. There are SO many questions I would be asking if I were this guy in this world. Not even questions that I would ask because I’m me like; What happened to cheese? But things like; Wait. I was dead?! Why? What the hell happened to me? Do I have family!? Are they dead? Am I not dead? AM I A ZOMBIE!? Was I a warrior before? Why is my aim so good? What the hell is going on Tyrion!?!? TELLLL MEEEEEEE!!!! But no. -_- none of that. You just go about your merry way flying an ancient space ship across a spacey wacey post apocolypse shooting anything that shoots at you. Which is fun. But is as deep as a puddle in the desert. I’m a story teller, I like and gravitate to stories so these are really just my opinions. They might not make a difference to you, and I wouldn’t want you to have your experience tainted by my complaining. If nothing else pick this game up because Peter Dinklage is in it and is amazing. Which side note yes I know he is in game of thrones I watch it too. If anyone out there has seen any of his other work, we can be best friends.


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