Assassin’s Creed Unity shots

omnibusrex —  08/09/2014 — Leave a comment

So Assassin’s Creed Unity is just around the corner and those awesome folks at Ubisoft are letting out more shots of the game in action.  Below we get some more peeks at the multiplayer as well as a look at our protagonist out of his work gear.  The multiplayer shots showcase the characters friend or foe awareness where enemies show as red and friendlies green and what looks like the ability to help your downed buddies in combat with the red assassin dragging the blue behind cover during a fight.  I’m interested in seeing the game with the full user interface in place with the heads-up display.  An aspect Ubisoft has handled well throughout the series.  Hopefully the continued flow of shots will help tide everyone over until the release date of November 11th for Xbox One, PS4, and Microsoft Windows.



Arno will help the sad red men to a nice dirtnap


There is no honor among thieves. Shamelessly looting a pal in the middle of a firefight.


“Mary, I don’t know how to tell you…I’m pregnant”


Just like those blue assassins, laying down in the middle of a fight


First Parkour move learned: table hopping

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