More reasons to hate all your friends

omnibusrex —  27/08/2014 — Leave a comment

Hot off the presses!  Mario Kart 8 for Wii U is not only going to give you one new DLC.  They plan on giving you two.  The first is just around the corner in November at the price of $7.99.  A press release from the big N lets us know that we can all expect some fun stuff coming to the already supremely fun MK8. You may have heard that three free Mercedes Benz carts are coming (Mercedes Benz GLA, 1950’s SL Roadster, and a very saucy 1930’s Silver Arrow), but word on the street is that we’ll also be getting the Blue Falcon from the beloved F-Zero series in the first DLC and three more karts. Yeah, we’ve got babies of the characters and a bunch of the Koopa kids, but now we’ll have Zelda’s very own eternal Hero Link in the mix.  


Tanooki Mario and Cat Princess Peach will be along for the ride as well.  We’ll also get some new courses to boot.  I’ve enjoyed slinging shells at friends on the current set of tracks, but have always thought that the track list was woefully short given the plethora of tracks over the seven previous entries.  They will come in the form of two new cups with four tracks each. 

Tan MarCat PrinThe second DLC pack includes three new characters Dry Bowser, looking very Badass (Villager and Isabelle from the Animal Crossing series will be there too), four new vehicles and eight courses in the form of two more new cups with four tracks each.This will also be at the price of $7.99 and is set to drop May 2015DLC 2 contentOf the courses in the packs there will be returning tracks like Wario’s Gold Mine and new tracks based on Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda franchises.  I can’t wait until November.

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