Transistor! The pantsplosion you have been waiting for!

Mr. Grimm. —  05/08/2014 — Leave a comment

As many of my biggest fan* knows I have a penchant for independent games. I find that more often than not indie’s work harder to bring a unique experience to the gamer whereas AAA companies know they have  golden product and just rinse wash repeat. Unlike many of my peers I don’t begrudge them for doing so. If it wasn’t badass it wouldn’t have made them a AAA company. However, I like variety. While you’re checking out the new Call of Duty I’ll be-… Wait, that’s the one with Kevin Spacey right? Okay in all fairness while your checking out the new Call of Duty I’ll be getting teabagged by you in the multi player because I am a squealing Kevin Spacey fanboy and simultaneously terrible at FPS gaming.

NOT THE POINT! The point I’m making, before my detracting stomach demands nachos is that Transistor is your indie Valhalla! If you’ve ever played Bastion you’re already familiar with super giant games which is responsible to this amazing artistic example of yum. I don’t know too much about the story line so far except in Transistor you play as Red. A seemingly lost possibly amnesiatic protagonist who follows the directions of her sword/USB drive. Seriously. Why should I even continue this article? Who out there read Sword/USB drive and thought to themselves “Oh, that sounds nice but really I am not interested in finding out how that has been integrated in the gameplay or story whatsoever hurk a durr” -__- that’s right. No one. No one at all.

Now! Gameplay. Gameplay is tight and while I am still figuring out all the combinations and upgrades for the game it is awesome! No jump button if that’s your clincher might I suggest knitting instead of gaming, BUT! a varied skill set and evolution setting reminiscent of your favorite RPGS. Skills you use can apparently be enhanced by inactive skills you have. Don’t quote me on that I’m still learning. On top of the skill building there seems to be a flash of slice and dice mixed with a heavy dash turn based combat. When you play it for the first time you may not see what I’m talking about right away. BUT there is a strategic element! Using a mechanic called…. !!! correction!!!! I seem to have just found the jump button! R1! NVM crisis averted- Ahem as I was saying using the TURN mechanic. You freeze the board and can plot a series of actions to strategically dissect your foes, and even retreat to safety after you are done.

Pick this game up. Its fast, fun, indie and the sword computer chip guy talks to you! Plus it reeks of 1930’s gumshoe detective aesthetic! On top of everything else If I still have not convinced you to check this out, there is a hum a song button. Which actually.. is amazingly well timed with the games soundtrack.. The work it took to make that sync up alone should tell you to go get this damn game!

As usual you can follow me on Twitter  @Grimmsgaming or comment below with suggestions, feedback or hatemail. Why not?

*My biggest fan is clearly me. I am my own fanclub. However we are looking for members. So if you’d like to join, don’t -_- this is a big ol’ ball of crazy. Run.

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