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The Big N is dropping two DLCs for Mario Kart 8

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This year I was smart. I came out to Indianapolis, Indiana the night before the con began. I was able to obtain free parking about 30 minutes outside of downtown and got a ride into town from a friend. First obstacle averted. Next, obtain proper lodging. Luckily I had a floor of a hotel room reserved for me, and a blow-up queen size mattress from my friend Basia, I was all ready to go.

The first day begins early. In line at 7am to pick-up a press badge. Pick-up starts at 7:30, doors open at 10. I wanted to get in line and pick up my early access pass. First 100 press in line get to get in at 9am. Beat the crowds into the dealer and vendor area and pick up my merchandise before the wild trampling begins. Opening ceremonies begin, the first dice are rolled, big fuzzy ones. The roll is two 5s. Good signs to come, hopefully. There are at least 3,000 people jammed up at the door, ready to rush to get their con exclusive pieces. The doors open and they are off to the races! With me safely hanging out with the balloon sculptor, Tim, I watch as the masses run into the con. As Tim begins to build his amazing balloon sculptor for this years convention, I sit back knowing that I do not need to fight with people to get anything I want within the con.

There were many cosplayers. You had people as Deadpool all the way to a male Misty from Pokemon. There was an area set up for the cosplayers to hang out in front of a sign so people knew where the pictures were from, but of course people don’t seem to take well to directions or read what they are. Now time for a little tangent. If you pay for a convention ticket, and hang out in an area that does not require a ticket for 95% of the time you are at the convention, why would you waste the money in buying a 4-day pass? Why not just buy a single day pass and buy what you want that day and just hang out in the common area the rest of the time. It’s not my money, but why not save it.

Enough of that. I would say at least 10,000 people walked through the doors that day, if not more. I have never seen a place more packed in every isle. There was 30 isles going one way with another 3 crossing the opposite directions. And they were all full! The convention is bound to break their attendance record again this year, but I don’t know how many more people the convention center can hold. From my understanding, this is the 3rd largest convention center in the world. THE WORLD! They set the record last year at just short of 50,000 people. And that does not even include all of the people walking through the convention center that just work in the city. The looks on the locals faces that had not seen a con before was priceless. People had their jaws dropped at outfits and looks that a regular con goer wouldn’t even look twice at.

One of my main focuses was helping out my friend, Tim the balloon sculptor. He has created for Gen Con for the past two years. His first year he crafted a fire-breathing dragon. Last year he made Cthulhu, 18 feet tall, 30 feet wide. A HUGE piece. This year is more photo friendly. A minitar fighting a barbarian and a sorceress. He finished his main work by the middle of today, Friday. People are now able to take their pictures with the pieces, pretend to fight with them and have a good time. On Saturday night they will be auctioned off and the highest bidder gets to destroy the pieces that were created in such a short time. The proceeds will go to the charity GLEANERS, which is a food pantry that provides food to those that are having problems with providing meals for themselves. Last year he raised $1,000. This year he hopes to raise over $1,500. Along with the main pieces, he will be creating wearable pieces. One of which is Emmet from the Lego Movie. Another piece is a Dalek from Doctor Who.

There is so much going on and so much to do in Indy, that I need to absorb more over the next two days. Learn a few new games and try to find more creative cosplayers. As from above, this is only the first part of my article since this is only the halfway point of the convention. If you would like to view pictures I have taken, please check out our facebook page. Also please check out CaveRadio Broadcasting, where we have a live show on Thursdays from 4-5pm eastern time.

As many of my biggest fan* knows I have a penchant for independent games. I find that more often than not indie’s work harder to bring a unique experience to the gamer whereas AAA companies know they have  golden product and just rinse wash repeat. Unlike many of my peers I don’t begrudge them for doing so. If it wasn’t badass it wouldn’t have made them a AAA company. However, I like variety. While you’re checking out the new Call of Duty I’ll be-… Wait, that’s the one with Kevin Spacey right? Okay in all fairness while your checking out the new Call of Duty I’ll be getting teabagged by you in the multi player because I am a squealing Kevin Spacey fanboy and simultaneously terrible at FPS gaming.

NOT THE POINT! The point I’m making, before my detracting stomach demands nachos is that Transistor is your indie Valhalla! If you’ve ever played Bastion you’re already familiar with super giant games which is responsible to this amazing artistic example of yum. I don’t know too much about the story line so far except in Transistor you play as Red. A seemingly lost possibly amnesiatic protagonist who follows the directions of her sword/USB drive. Seriously. Why should I even continue this article? Who out there read Sword/USB drive and thought to themselves “Oh, that sounds nice but really I am not interested in finding out how that has been integrated in the gameplay or story whatsoever hurk a durr” -__- that’s right. No one. No one at all.

Now! Gameplay. Gameplay is tight and while I am still figuring out all the combinations and upgrades for the game it is awesome! No jump button if that’s your clincher might I suggest knitting instead of gaming, BUT! a varied skill set and evolution setting reminiscent of your favorite RPGS. Skills you use can apparently be enhanced by inactive skills you have. Don’t quote me on that I’m still learning. On top of the skill building there seems to be a flash of slice and dice mixed with a heavy dash turn based combat. When you play it for the first time you may not see what I’m talking about right away. BUT there is a strategic element! Using a mechanic called…. !!! correction!!!! I seem to have just found the jump button! R1! NVM crisis averted- Ahem as I was saying using the TURN mechanic. You freeze the board and can plot a series of actions to strategically dissect your foes, and even retreat to safety after you are done.

Pick this game up. Its fast, fun, indie and the sword computer chip guy talks to you! Plus it reeks of 1930’s gumshoe detective aesthetic! On top of everything else If I still have not convinced you to check this out, there is a hum a song button. Which actually.. is amazingly well timed with the games soundtrack.. The work it took to make that sync up alone should tell you to go get this damn game!

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*My biggest fan is clearly me. I am my own fanclub. However we are looking for members. So if you’d like to join, don’t -_- this is a big ol’ ball of crazy. Run.


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While the seven year old in me is screaming to kick this article off with NANANANNANANANNANANANANNA BAAAAATMAAAAAAN. I’m mature as hell and will refrain from directly doing so. That being said, insert some nananas and lets get this on a roll. What we have for you today is the first mainstream game I’ve covered and the one I am most looking forward to in the  near future. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

I’ve played plenty of lego games but never really gone in for them you know? This one however seems to be the culmination of every awesome aspect of every lego game before it. It’s simple math really. Batman + Legos = a juggernaut that prints money.

Basic story here is that the D.C. super heroes are going to trot off and collect Green Lantern rings in an attempt to stop Lex Luthor and the Joker. You’ll be able to unlock 150 different characters. You get to play as Batman! AND they have an Adam West mode! Complete with super awesome onomatopoeia action! What could make that better? The acting talents of Burt Ward! That’s what the hell could make this better! As if that wasn’t enough for your tender nature, they also have a Lego version of the 1966 Batmobile!! WHAAAT?! robin_default_01 The spiffy might as well write itself, but it doesn’t! This game is going to be accessible on just about every console you could want Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 3 , PS Vita , Wii U , 3DS and PC. I can’t stop talking about this game. I need it you need it. Stop reading this  and go get it! – You know. Later in the fall. When it comes out.

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