War Thunder. Stormy approves.

Mr. Grimm. —  28/07/2014 — Leave a comment

 Hello once again ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you all to another thrilling installment of my one sided off the rails trainwreck of thought. Here’s another game you mighta missed while you were fogging up the glass at your nearest game retailer. 

 War Thunder! A free MMO that gamers, and their cats seem to love. Developed by Gaijin entertainment this massive undertaking puts you in the cock pit of your pick of over 200 planes and ground vehicles as you thunder across historically accurate battlefields. With three modes of play available during the open beta you can choose an arcade mode, historical mode, and most extreme simulator mode. 

  This game is free, although still a beta, its cross platform and more importantly its fun. However I should caution you its fun, not easy. Be prepared to get shot down and blown up a lot. A lot a lot. The more you play the more you get in rewards, rewards buy upgrades, you stop dying so much. Simple as that. Currently I’m still at the die every thirty seconds stage. Like I said it is a beta so you’re gonna be waiting on load screens. The controls are smooth. The gameplay doesn’t lag. It’s a very strong game for what it is. Issues I’ve had so far on my ps4 are the load screens and the menus are small and can be hard to read. When you’re constantly in a rush like me the game can also feel overwhelming because it encourages you to explore the options and there are a lot of options. 

Unintended benefit my cat Stormageddon dark lord of all is obsessed with the game. Every time I turn it on he’s glued to it instead of me. Ivan the adorable however was rather unimpressed. So there you have it. If you want a great game thats free and will give you something other than your only friends feigned affection to bond over I strongly recommend War thunder. Its available on Pc, Steam, and Ps4 right now but they plan to expand to everything soon. 

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