For Shovelry!

Mr. Grimm. —  22/07/2014 — Leave a comment


Good evening I’m back again to bring you more fried gold. Speaking of course of Shovel Knight.

This game has absorbed the last week of my life in a never ending torrent of precarious platforms and infuriatingly placed enemies. At the end of that week I walked away with another game under my belt. Another completely unique work of art.

Published by Yacht Club Games this recent addition to the retro 8-bit indie stable first caught my attention when my brother found it on Kickstarter. Since then I have been stalking it like it never called me back after coffee on a dreary tuesday in the park… *Sniffle* There were ducks…

RIGHT! Anyway.

The story goes, you are the Shovel Knight. Darkness spreads over the land and you don your helm once more as you scroll across the land on a vast quest to rescue your beloved partner Shield Knight. She was not only your paramour, but also your closest and most competent companion on your many previous unmentioned adventures.

To triumph in your quest you will have to scoop, slice, dice, pummel, bounce, pounce, and thoroughly trounce an army of enemies and obstacles captained by various former allies, knights of renown and singular ability.

hatknight.png                                                             (I Love Hat Knight.)

They would love nothing more than to see you fall as you leap from one ledge to another. Be prepared to dig in for the long fight on this one, the level design at times can be ingenious, and at others sadistic. One word of advice, watch out for the spikes. Seriously the one thing that got me more than ANYTHING else was the damn spikes.

Be sure to check out for more info or anything I may have lacked covering adequately. Feel free to follow me @Grimmsgaming on Twitter, gimme a reason to actually use it.

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