Throw back- Wait, what day is this? SUNDAY?!

Mr. Grimm. —  13/07/2014 — Leave a comment

Morning! I’ve been meaning to touch on this game for about a week, or six I don’t know. Time is a funny thing for me. Which actually ties in this cast back cult classic I know and love as Lost Vikings II Norse by Norsewest.
Developed by Silicon and Synapses back in 1991 (don’t bother looking them up. They’re blizzard Okay? Any computer game company before 1998 is now blizzard. Just ffffuuuu- They own all the things,) The game features heavy puzzle mechanics wrapped around environments that compliment the comedic characters quite nicely.
As you may have noticed this is a sequel in which the heroes Erik the swift, Baleog the fierce, and Olaf the Stout are once again abducted by Tomator and threatened with death and nastiness. Vikings being vikings do what they do and ransack the guard before mindlessly hitting buttons that activated a time transporter that throw their lingonberry soaked beards straight back to who the hell knows. Taking control of one of the three characters on screen progress through the game depends entirely on utilizing their special abilities to solve the levels puzzle and keep all three of them alive. Which can be hard as the banter between them can be hilarious as well as the multitude of death scenes.
On the subject of banter you may recognize the voices, so if it helps you to visualize the fun you will have playing this game close your eyes and think of what would happen if you crammed. Yakko Warner, Johnny Bravo, Darkwing Duck, and Freddy from Scooby Doo in a dark room with a sandwich to fight over.
Exactly. You’re welcome.
Now I’m not sure about the sequel but I’ve heard rumors that has the original for free.

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