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If you’re looking for more teasers for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity, you’ve found them. Today’s shots are a mix of concept art and in game pics. We’ve got everything from views of palatial estates to an enticing look at multiple assassins for coop. For my taste I could stand for the city to be a little more gritty, but so far the unwashed masses are looking fantastic.  And yes, we have a tasty video for you too.  Life is good, no?




Shady guys on rooftop wonder what that guy is dumping in the river


An attack on the red pants crew


Party crashing like it’s 1879!


No one gets between Arno and his pie


It is depressing when it rains


This is why you close and lock your windows


When you’re making a shady deal in the middle of the night, bring a friend


Pie thief found!


 Hello once again ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you all to another thrilling installment of my one sided off the rails trainwreck of thought. Here’s another game you mighta missed while you were fogging up the glass at your nearest game retailer. 

 War Thunder! A free MMO that gamers, and their cats seem to love. Developed by Gaijin entertainment this massive undertaking puts you in the cock pit of your pick of over 200 planes and ground vehicles as you thunder across historically accurate battlefields. With three modes of play available during the open beta you can choose an arcade mode, historical mode, and most extreme simulator mode. 

  This game is free, although still a beta, its cross platform and more importantly its fun. However I should caution you its fun, not easy. Be prepared to get shot down and blown up a lot. A lot a lot. The more you play the more you get in rewards, rewards buy upgrades, you stop dying so much. Simple as that. Currently I’m still at the die every thirty seconds stage. Like I said it is a beta so you’re gonna be waiting on load screens. The controls are smooth. The gameplay doesn’t lag. It’s a very strong game for what it is. Issues I’ve had so far on my ps4 are the load screens and the menus are small and can be hard to read. When you’re constantly in a rush like me the game can also feel overwhelming because it encourages you to explore the options and there are a lot of options. 

Unintended benefit my cat Stormageddon dark lord of all is obsessed with the game. Every time I turn it on he’s glued to it instead of me. Ivan the adorable however was rather unimpressed. So there you have it. If you want a great game thats free and will give you something other than your only friends feigned affection to bond over I strongly recommend War thunder. Its available on Pc, Steam, and Ps4 right now but they plan to expand to everything soon. 

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For Shovelry!

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Good evening I’m back again to bring you more fried gold. Speaking of course of Shovel Knight.

This game has absorbed the last week of my life in a never ending torrent of precarious platforms and infuriatingly placed enemies. At the end of that week I walked away with another game under my belt. Another completely unique work of art.

Published by Yacht Club Games this recent addition to the retro 8-bit indie stable first caught my attention when my brother found it on Kickstarter. Since then I have been stalking it like it never called me back after coffee on a dreary tuesday in the park… *Sniffle* There were ducks…

RIGHT! Anyway.

The story goes, you are the Shovel Knight. Darkness spreads over the land and you don your helm once more as you scroll across the land on a vast quest to rescue your beloved partner Shield Knight. She was not only your paramour, but also your closest and most competent companion on your many previous unmentioned adventures.

To triumph in your quest you will have to scoop, slice, dice, pummel, bounce, pounce, and thoroughly trounce an army of enemies and obstacles captained by various former allies, knights of renown and singular ability.

hatknight.png                                                             (I Love Hat Knight.)

They would love nothing more than to see you fall as you leap from one ledge to another. Be prepared to dig in for the long fight on this one, the level design at times can be ingenious, and at others sadistic. One word of advice, watch out for the spikes. Seriously the one thing that got me more than ANYTHING else was the damn spikes.

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Morning! I’ve been meaning to touch on this game for about a week, or six I don’t know. Time is a funny thing for me. Which actually ties in this cast back cult classic I know and love as Lost Vikings II Norse by Norsewest.
Developed by Silicon and Synapses back in 1991 (don’t bother looking them up. They’re blizzard Okay? Any computer game company before 1998 is now blizzard. Just ffffuuuu- They own all the things,) The game features heavy puzzle mechanics wrapped around environments that compliment the comedic characters quite nicely.
As you may have noticed this is a sequel in which the heroes Erik the swift, Baleog the fierce, and Olaf the Stout are once again abducted by Tomator and threatened with death and nastiness. Vikings being vikings do what they do and ransack the guard before mindlessly hitting buttons that activated a time transporter that throw their lingonberry soaked beards straight back to who the hell knows. Taking control of one of the three characters on screen progress through the game depends entirely on utilizing their special abilities to solve the levels puzzle and keep all three of them alive. Which can be hard as the banter between them can be hilarious as well as the multitude of death scenes.
On the subject of banter you may recognize the voices, so if it helps you to visualize the fun you will have playing this game close your eyes and think of what would happen if you crammed. Yakko Warner, Johnny Bravo, Darkwing Duck, and Freddy from Scooby Doo in a dark room with a sandwich to fight over.
Exactly. You’re welcome.
Now I’m not sure about the sequel but I’ve heard rumors that has the original for free.