Lone Survivor.

Mr. Grimm. —  16/06/2014 — Leave a comment

Have you ever seen the skeins of reality tear themselves wide open making a momentary connection between here and a beyond that is outside anything you could possibly imagine being relatively adjacent to a nightmare wrapped in oily sin and bacon grease? Spitting out a solitary being  that somehow lands on his feet and cooly wipes ash and smolder off his shoulder before giving you a wink and walking away without a word? 

This isn’t anything like that. While this may be a triumphant return to talking about my most favorite of subjects. This was closer to being eschewed out of an elevator after 36 hours of being stuck between two floors with nothing but the Biebs to listen to. Loudly, non stop, with all the implied shame and degradation that comes with it. 

What was I talking about? Right, Lone Survivor. Love this game. Absolutely amazing. Made by Superflat games and developed by Jasper Byrne this game really leaves you hungry. You want to play it again and explore. You want to poke around by the time you load it up again. 

The story centers around ‘You’ a survivor of a world that has fallen prey to a world ending disease that as one would suspect caused the end of society. The game opens with You waking up after a psychotic dream that immediately draws doubt onto the stability of his mental health. Things quickly devolve into chaos as you start exploring the crumbling ruin that makes up your reality. You is not a healthy man. Then again, how well do you expect a person to hold up in this environment? 

This game takes advantage of one of my favorite mechanics. The actions you take in the game, your choices and strategies will affect what happens to you in the end. While I love this element of gaming and storytelling even I admit a game can become tedious and fail to hold my interest for a second or third run through. This game doesn’t have that problem. This game is juuuuust long enough to make the first run through feel like a full game and the second run through feel like a time trial. It’s perfect. Also, spoilers you can adopt a cat! A CAT! Get this game. Get the cat. Get some goodness in your life. 

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