Tecmo’s Deception: Invitation to Darkness.

Mr. Grimm. —  14/03/2014 — Leave a comment

Your pal Mr. Grimm here. It would appear that this is what is being referred to as Throwback Thursdays. Don’t worry, I’m working on improving the name. Also It’s actually friday so HAPPY PIE DAY! if you don’t get it I’m not slowing down for you.

It just makes sense to do report on this oft forgotten classic considering yesterday’s (day before, whatever) article. Tecmo’s Deception came out in 1996 and without a doubt stood alone as a unique game. Rather than placing you in the role of the hero you were the tragically betrayed prince of a country, you struck a deal with Satan as your body burned to a crisp at the stake. With polygons reminiscent of Lara Crofts weaponized bewbage you wreak unholy vengeance against the denizens of your once beloved kingdom that are foolish enough to invade your/Satan’s mansion. Tecmo didn’t just give you a weapon and tell you to go to town either. No. You had to be smart. You built floors, designed rooms, and lay traps for these foolish ‘heroes’ to fall into and become fodder for your ever expanding house of horrors.

The game starts out simple enough. Knock out some thieves. Bump off a few lost tourists. No big deal. Then it all takes a sinister turn as people with less selfish goals turn up. My dad, toughest guy I know, had to quit playing when he reached a level that asked him to trap and kill two heroes that were hoping to kill you in order to collect the reward and save their sick daughter’s life. How’s that for feels? At one point the former love of your life wanders in and guess what, you kill her. A lot. This game gives you the option of letting her rest in peace or harvest her soul and turn her into a frankenstein monster that kills on command for you with unwavering loyalty. In 1996 this was groundbreaking. Even today that’s sort of twisted! If you are at all into the macabre check this game out. Its a Ps1 classic, shouldn’t be too hard to dig up for a good price/free.

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