Today’s hidden gem: Deception IV

Mr. Grimm. —  12/03/2014 — Leave a comment



Good day gaming gremlins! Today I want to bring to light a hidden gem I uncovered this morning. Deception IV. Now what we have here is the fifth game in the Deception series. This series goes all the way back to 1996 on the good old playstation. I remember spending hours as a child playing this game. I know whatyou’rethinking, the math doesn’t add up. One of the previous installments was named Trapt and it was also a lot offun. While I haven’t yet played this one it’s supposed to revisit the mechanics of the first Deception. Here’s how it works.

You are the demon princess Laegrinna living inside a castle minding your own business. Then one day heroes just start showing up and start poking around. Your job, with the help of your three demon minions, is to devise the most insidious, horrible, and in some cases hilarious traps with which to dispatch these intruders. That’s right, you’re the bad guy in this one. Ever wonder how in horror movies and in horror video games why and how all those pitfalls got set up? With this game you are the grand architect of destruction and gore. You’ll feel your soul slipping away within minutes and taking your humanity with it. It’s guaranteed family fun.

There are three types of traps to choose from it would appear, damage traps that’ll put the hurt on your pure hearted sissy victims. Movement traps which should slow them down, and silly traps which do damage or slow them down. With over 120 types of traps to choose from its sure to stay fresh for a long time to come. They even have a delta horse which, if you are a perfectly well adjusted member of society you probably wouldn’t know anything about that.

You can check out the website for the game here:

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