Mighty No. 9!!

Mr. Grimm. —  12/03/2014 — Leave a comment

I consider it a civic duty as a gamer to make as many people aware of this project as possible. This is what you need to know right off the bat. Mighty No. 9 is the creation of Keiji Inafune. I realize this may not garner the shock and awe it deserves so let me spin it like this. You remember Mega Man? – Wait, what? No? What’s wrong with you? I want to make sure you know you are the only person reading this who doesn’t know who Mega Man is (shame on you).

Here’s the important bits, Inafune left Capcom in order to start his own company Comcept. The brain baby of Inafune and Comcept is Mighty No. 9 and its protagonist Beck! Created by Dr. White he is the youngest member of a battle royale team, and for some unknown reason the only member unaffected by a mysterious virus that turns his sibling robots into jerks.

While this may sound a LOT like X, a creation of Dr. Light. fighting against the Mavericks, who were infected by a mysterious virus/program that turned them into jerks. It’s a totally different game! Seriously, while at first glance it may seem like he’s being uncreative and ripping off his own projects the reality seems to be Inafune is taking advantage of the freedom of running his own company to complete the original vision of his work without the tampering of overseers telling him to rush a project or add elements or cut elements. It even appears to use a similar weapon absorption mechanism of Mega Man but with an incredible new take on the concept.

No. 9 doesn’t seem to be a reboot or a replacement for the MegaMan/ Rockman series though so don’t worry about the continuity errors or having the blue bomber erased from history. Check out the kickstarter page for more information here. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mightyno9/mighty-no-9

The project is already funded but the page is still rife with information. Also check out the home site! It’s over here > http://www.mightyno9.com/

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