Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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Hearthstone was created by Blizzard that has entered its open beta on Janurary 14th.  I was able to get a beta pass prior and have played around with the game over the last couple of months as well in the open beta.  It is a player versus player game that involves cards.  These cards are used in combination to destroy their opponent’s cards as well as their lifepoint/health.  There are many of game modes you can pick from; from playing against the AI or against a player in normal or ranked matches.   You can gain cards through playing to earn coins to buy packs of cards, through “quests” or spending your own real money in the shop.

You can play as many different types of classes, each represented by a hero.  Jaina Proudmoore is representing the mage class and I found her to the easiest hero to play while I was learning the game.  Each hero has its own mechanics as well as unique cards to its own class.

Hearthstone was design to give card games an online interactive mimic of games such as Magic the Gathering and Yu-gi-oh.  Though they do not have a player trading card system to allow for players to trade cards.  They have created a more of a crafting of cards system where players take unwanted cards and turn them into dust to craft cards of their choice.

I had watched this game prior to playing it myself on streams of other players.  First starting as a “while I’m in queue, I’ll play hearthstone.”  The matches are short games where even League of Legends players played and finished while in the queue for games.  The scene for this game has grown to be quite large while it is constantly in the top five games watched on Twitch.  While playing this game, I found it as a novelty to card games that already existed and had hoped for something to be new.  While each class had its own difficulty as well as how well each were balanced against each other, I felt like it was still lacking.  The first couple of plays I did with the game were good and I enjoyed it but after it just wore off.  I felt myself falling into a bit of disappointment with both my luck in getting cards as well as just feeling like I was playing the same thing again and again.  I was never a person fond of cards and had my own few that I did enjoy.  The game itself is well designed and I would say it is somewhat balance but still in need of more balancing.  It is very enjoyable for those who favour both card games and World of Warcraft.

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