Amazing X-Men #4

mcrich23 —  25/02/2014 — Leave a comment

amazing x-men 4

Being a extremely pessimistic person one would think that i would hate another X-Men title when in actuality it is the exact opposite I love it.  I do not know if it is the nostalgic factor of seeing Nightcrawler back in action or the old school Storm mohawk. Maybe it is seeing Firestar and Iceman together for the first time since the Spiderman and his Amazing Friends days as a kid but I cannot get enough of this book. So much has changed in the X universe lately bringing back Kurt in his classic costume was just what I needed. Just hearing Wolverine say elf takes me back about 15 years so my opinoin maybe biased.Though I will admit the story is not exactly mind blowing just seeing the team literally go through hell has me entertained.

This book takes me back to the Claremont days of X-Men, between the flashbacks and old teammates blending back together seamlessly in the face of impossible odds it is enough to bring in new fans and bring back old ones. I was a little worried when I saw that Jason Aaron was the writer of this series after he serously dropped the ball on the Thanos Rising miniseries. If a writer could make Thanos boring who knows what damage he could do with an entire team but he has done well especially choosing the members of  this particular squad. If the past few years has taught me anything it is that I have not missed Jean Grey as much as I thought and that Kurt is sorely missed in a monthly title. The link between Nightcrawler and the mysterious bamfs is revealed as well as a final battle set up with Azazel.

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