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Amazing X-Men #4

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amazing x-men 4

Being a extremely pessimistic person one would think that i would hate another X-Men title when in actuality it is the exact opposite I love it.  I do not know if it is the nostalgic factor of seeing Nightcrawler back in action or the old school Storm mohawk. Maybe it is seeing Firestar and Iceman together for the first time since the Spiderman and his Amazing Friends days as a kid but I cannot get enough of this book. So much has changed in the X universe lately bringing back Kurt in his classic costume was just what I needed. Just hearing Wolverine say elf takes me back about 15 years so my opinoin maybe biased.Though I will admit the story is not exactly mind blowing just seeing the team literally go through hell has me entertained.

This book takes me back to the Claremont days of X-Men, between the flashbacks and old teammates blending back together seamlessly in the face of impossible odds it is enough to bring in new fans and bring back old ones. I was a little worried when I saw that Jason Aaron was the writer of this series after he serously dropped the ball on the Thanos Rising miniseries. If a writer could make Thanos boring who knows what damage he could do with an entire team but he has done well especially choosing the members of  this particular squad. If the past few years has taught me anything it is that I have not missed Jean Grey as much as I thought and that Kurt is sorely missed in a monthly title. The link between Nightcrawler and the mysterious bamfs is revealed as well as a final battle set up with Azazel.

warface 360 beta (0)

There are certainly plenty of military shooters out there on the market today, so you may be asking me “Bryan, why in the sam heck would i want to play another one?”  I’m here to answer that question, and that question alone (well, maybe a few more, if you have them).  To start, Warface is FREE to play.  Yes, you heard me, FREE, F-R-E-E, TO-TA-LLY-FREE.  It does require a Gold Membership, but really, who doesn’t have one of those? Currently, its in a closed beta stage, but all you need to do is sign up at and hopefully you will get an email invite.  Now, i was lucky enough to get said invite (albeit over a week later) and from the shot time i have had with the game, i’ve come away with a few observations.


Once you fire up Warface for the first time, you will be prompted to go through a tutorial.  Do that.  Its short, informative, and simple.  It does a great job of getting you acquainted to the controls and movement, with no danger at all.  Once you have done that, either head over to the Co-OP or verses menu to get into the action.  As far as actual shooting-other-people-in-the-face-ness is concerned, Warface is certainly well crafted.  Aiming seems quite fluid, and players who are more accurate are the ones who will be racking up the kills.  Weapons seem responsive, with reasonable recoil.  A huge selling feature of Warface is the ability to customize weapon attachments on the fly.  Simply press up on the D-Pad, and you can swiftly swap between available attachments mid match, or even mid firefight.  While I personally have not tested this feature, due either to my low playtime or beta restrictions, i’ve seen the menu in game, and seen it showcased in video.

There are four classes available, Rifleman, Engineer, Medic, and Sniper.  Each has its own strengths, such as the Rifleman’s ability to replenish ammo either to himself, or an ally.  But each class is limited to one set type of primary weapon, such as a shotgun for the Medic, or a sniper rifle for, yep, you guessed it, the Sniper.  The key to success, especially in the Co-Op missions, which i will get to later, is teamwork, and a diverse squad.  Going into a mission or fight with only one or two classes will spell disaster, or possibly a harder word, like rutabaga, or Saskatchewan.  Playing Warface with friends is by far the best way to succeed, and once the game is released, virtually everyone on your friends list should have the game, so you should have no shortage of company.  The other figurative selling point of Warface are Co-Op missions.  Grab a few friends and battle against the CPU through multiple objectives, with new missions daily.  The initiation missions i played were quite easy, but i suspect later missions will be much more difficult.  Crytek is planning on releasing more content, such as maps, weapons, ect, so Warface should hopefully be a staple of your gaming library for the forseeable future.

warface 360 beta (1)

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns during my first sit-down.  A few minutes into my first two matches, i had a connection error pop up, prompting me to quite the lobby i was in.  I also had a connection error in a C0-Op mission I was playing, again requiring my to exit back to the menu/  I haven’t been able to determine if the connection issue was on my end, or the servers end, but im assuming it was a little of both.  Hopefully this is just a bug that will be cleared up before the full release, because problem servers would be a death sentence for Warface on the 360.

So, where was I?  Ah, the question you asked, way back at the beginning.  Indeed, Warface Is worth the 4.48GB of space on your hard-drive, seeing as how its FREE, and FUN.  I will certainly be monitoring its progress, and I will have a review out after the full release, so check back later for more information.  Also, go register for the Beta invite, because why not?  Ill even give you the link again, so you don’t have to scroll alllllll the way back to the top to find it.  I know, i’m too nice.

Give us your feedback please, I promise, we don’t bite!

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