Arrow ” Broken Dolls” Episode

mcrich23 —  25/10/2013 — Leave a comment


Season 2 of Arrow has gotten of to a slow start but it definitely picked up in this ” Broken Dolls” episode.  Oliver is back in the hood and is ready to be less of killer and more of a hero. This is also the first time viewers have gotten a good luck at the Black Canary and her patented sonic scream. My only complaint about the way she debuted was that her scream came from a device as opposed to her lungs. “Broken Dolls” was a turning point for a few reasons. In addition to the Black Canary debut, it displayed an actual working relationship between Oliver and officer Lance that could develop into a Batman/Jim Gordon dynamic with a twist.They team up to stop a serial that escaped from prison during the earthquake in the glades named Mathis.

This show legitimizes Green Arrow the same way Christopher Nolan did for the Batman movie franchise.  I am nowhere close to being a Green Arrow fan but I am a huge fan of this show.  Oliver always came of as a Batman rip off minus the detective skills and gadgets to me. He was practically in the same tier as Superfriends Aquaman in my book especially with those cheesy boxing gloves arrows. Every episode throws this stigma on its ear and is truly must see television. With every episode the characters evolve not only from season to season but from episode to episode. This episode is gets 4 out 5 overall

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