Free Games Friday!

Duckie —  30/08/2013 — Leave a comment

It’s that time of the week again, and I’m here to bring you two more free to play games. This week I’ve chosen some older games, and overall lighter in tone from the ones I featured last week.




Game number one is a quick Shoot-Em-Up (or “Shmup” as they tend to be referred to) game titled Genetos. This Japanese title was developed by one man named Tatsuya Koyama, and features a theme of evolution. You start the game in a fun (and admittedly kind of cute) homage to Space Invaders, shooting aliens and collecting the coins that they drop. Collect enough coins, and you will evolve into the next generation of vertical shooters, making you more powerful as a result. The way you play will determine the type of weapons you get in the next evolution, so the game has a ton of replay value despite being easily beatable in about 30 minutes. It’s a fun nostalgia trip through the generations of vertical shooters, and has some pretty damn good graphics and music to boot. You can download the game to play here.




Continuing the completely unintended theme of nostalgia, the next game for this week is called Rom Check Fail. This quick and fun game is more of a minigame than a full fledged title, but it is nevertheless entertaining. The basic premise of this game is to complete the levels by defeating all of the bad guys on the screen. The catch? Every few seconds the game will “glitch”, changing your player character, the enemies, and the background. From Mario fighting Space Invaders to Zelda stabbing Asteroids to Pacman eating Goombas, every switch is a gamble and you never know what you’re going to get. If you have a couple minutes to kill and want a fun and quick game to occupy yourself with, this is a good title to do it with. The game can be played online here.


That’s all for this week, tune in next week for more Free Games Friday.

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