Nintendo’s Pokemon: The Origin Trailer.

00saywhat —  28/08/2013 — 2 Comments

Pokémon: The Origin

Surrounds the story around the original Red and Blue Pokemon games. Following the story of Red as he sets out to challenge his Rival for their first Gym Leader, Brock, for his Boulder Badge. When this franchise surfaced I was wholly excited for it. However, containing my excitement to write about it had been hard for the first twenty or so minutes. Nintendo is finally doing it—recapturing childhood in the best way possible. There is no real footage otherwise suggesting Ash or his companions will be making an appearance—seemingly it is a new series altogether. By all means go for it Nintendo, it is about time if you ask me. Seeing as I have been a fan of the First Generation of Pokemon (151) seeing those stories put into animation will be pretty amazing.

And it is done so spectacularly with a completely engaging trailer. Already it is shown to have some pretty amazing art direction, while still affording the growth of seeing our stalwart protagonist reach the apex of his journey. While there is no true telling how closely they will stick to the game, until otherwise proven we can only hope that we get to see a full reenactment.

There are hopes that it is divided into a series of movies to extend this franchise, or at least a short seasonal television stint. There is still much to be uncovered about Pokémon: The Origin, but this trailer is a fantastic start to what could be a step in a great direction. Slated to launch in Japan October 2, 2013 only ten days before Pokémon: The Origin there will only be more bits of news dropping as the months drag on. Maybe the tail end of 2013 will be the year of the Pokemon.

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