World of Warcraft….The Movie?

Illuminating —  08/08/2013 — Leave a comment


Back in January of this year, there had been rumors floating around about a WoW movie; not that every possible player wasn’t already dreaming of it happening. Throughout the last couple of years since about 2006, the rumor mill has been going only for it to be confirmed this year at Comic Con.  At Comic Con, they produced a test film teaser, and officially and finally, confirming the movie to be made.  The slated director is Duncan Jones, who directed Moon and Source Code and production is to start early 2014.

Digging a bit further into it, the movie is dated to come out in 2015, only a year’s worth of production to be had.  Will it be enough time to appease the masses?  Will the long awaited suspense of years desiring such a film have us become overcritical when it does come out?




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