Justice League of America Issue 6

mcrich23 —  22/07/2013 — 1 Comment

jla number 6


Justice League of America Issue 6

     In the words of Kanye West “It’s what you all been waiting for ain’t it?”  As fans we have all been teased about this blockbuster crossover and so far it has not disappointed.  It is part two of the “Trinity War” and the battle royale between Justice Leagues continues.  The JLA wasted no time doing what they have been trained to do since the inception of the team.  The action ends with Superman turning himself in like the Boy Scout we all know him to be.  Which leaves Wonder Woman to look for answers wherever she can find them regarding Pandora’s box.  Her journey leads her in the direction of Justice League Dark which is of course the next tie in.

The art is solid and I have to say this is the first issue of Justice League of America that I have actually enjoyed.  Prior to this the only thing to look forward to was the short story about Martian the Manhunter in the back of each book. On a quick side note who wouldn’t want to see a  Manhunter monthly series written by Geoff  Johns? Anybody?  I did not think so.  It is one the untold tragedies of the New 52 that Manhunter is one of only three members of the JLA without his own monthly series.  But I digress, the only downfall of this issue is that I doubt Geoff Johns can keep this kind of magic up with this team after this crossover is done. Overall I give this issue a 3.5 out of 5.


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