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This is my inaugural Top Ten list, and as indicated by the title, I’m only including shooters.  There are not that many rules, but one of them is I must have played the game to include it on the list.  This list will NOT be in order of how good the game is.  It’s a list of MY top shooters, so, I’m sure many of you will complain about it, and that’s ok.   I like these games, and I’m still going to like them no matter what you say.  And without further ado, let’s begin!

Honorable Mentions

Doom (DOS)


FULL DISCLOSURE: I’ve never beaten Doom.   Hell, I’ve only beaten the first level.  But, before you go and judge me, the last time I played it I was 8.  I was terrified of the game, and the only level I was comfortable with was the beginning.  This is one of the only games I remember my dad ever playing, so I have very fond memories of Doom.  That’s why it’s here on my list

Freedom Fighters (Gamecube)

freedom fighters

The Gamecube and shooters never really got along.  Sure, there was Nightfire, but that was pretty much it.  Freedom Fighters was a hidden gem on in the Gamecube library, and boy did it shine.  With a surprisingly compelling story, fluid controls (I know, right?!) and a local multiplayer that kept you coming back, Freedom Fighters had something for everyone.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter (XBOX 360)


I’m betting many of you passed over this game because of the sheer number of military shooters on the market today.  I  know I almost did.  The only reason I didn’t was because I had a buddy playing the demo, and he begged for a partner.   So I downloaded Warfighter and stumbled upon one of the better shooters of recent memory.  This game is much more than a Battlefield clone.  The combat is smoother, without sacrificing the trademark realism EA is known for, and the customization is much more then either Call of Duty OR Ghost Recon.  I’m hoping EA sticks with the smoother mechanics in Battlefield 4.


Halo: ODST (XBOX 360)


Number ten on my list goes to Halo: ODST (or as I still accidentally call it, Recon).  Bungie’s first shooter since the original Halo that does not place you in the shoes of everyones favorite Spartan-II, John 117.  Instead, you play as a Orbital Shock Drop Trooper (ODST), simply known as Rookie.  Tasked with sweeping the war-torn remains of New Mombasa, you quickly realize that there is more going on than you were prepared for.  Unlike Master Chief, you do not get a fancy shield, MJOLNIR armor, or an augmented physiology to wade through the waves of Covenant.  Stealth and precision will be key, since even a pack of grunts will present a serious challenge.  Voice acting from Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, and Tricia Helfer only add to the appeal, creating a wonderful cast of characters to aid you in your journey.


Red Dead Revolver (XBOX)

Red Dead Revolver

Red Dead Revolver is the game version of a classic spaghetti western.  Revenge, duels, and six-shooters are all present and accounted for.  An arcade style shooter, with a simple but entertaining story, unlockable weapons, and a dueling mini game add variety and depth.  With memorable characters and scenic locals, Red Dead Redemption is a game you will not soon forget.


Binary Domain (XBOX 360)


Binary Domain released in early 2012 with little to no fanfare, and after playing it, I do not understand why.  This squad based shooter was action heavy, cinematic, and beautiful.  Gone are the cookie cutter terrorists or nazis, and in step robots, ranging from chimp-sized to eight-storied, eight-legged behemoths.  You even choose your team from mission to mission, and give orders, feedback, and the occasional fist bump of approval.  With a B movie story and relentless enemy AI, Binary Domain keeps you entertained when your finger is on, and off, the trigger.


Star Wars Battlefront (XBOX)

Star Wars battlefront

Pandemic and LucasArts studios had a really good thing going with the Battlefront series.  Allowing gamers to take part in some of the most iconic battles in the Star Wars universe seems like a pretty obvious idea, and thankfully, the did it right.  I can clearly remember many a day where I called my best friend up to come over and wage galactic war, only stopping for food, and the occasional call of nature.  With solid controls, balanced classes, and epic battles, Battlefront stands out as one of the best shooters of the last generation.


Halo 2 (XBOX)

halo 2

Not often do games with this much hype and anticipation succeed.  Not only did Halo 2 succeed, it obliterated the mark set before it, and it did it with style.  The story was fantastic, coupled with a control scheme that has been emulated industry over.  The addition of the Arbiter as a playable character opened up the franchise, allowing it to fully realize the foundation set by Halo: Combat Evolved.   With such a great game already created, Bungie could have sat back and thrown in the same multiplayer and called it a day.  Thank the gaming gods that they didn’t.  Halo 2’s multiplayer can be summed up in one word: Revolutionary.


Perfect Dark (N64)

perfect dark

I’m sure the last thing Rare expected after the success of Goldeneye 007 was that they would lose the license to James Bond.  With a sequel already in production, Rare decided to keep the majority of the gameplay the same and give the now title-less game a whole new look.  Result: Perfect Dark.   Not only did Perfect dark play like a better version of Goldeneye, it improved upon the already revolutionary multiplayer.  Can’t get three of your buds over to play?  No problem.  the AI controlled Sims are here.   With skill levels ranging from Meat to Super Agent, the fun never had to stop.  One of my favorite game types was a simple death-match with 7 Meat-Sims and the only weapon being the DY357-Lx (a one hit kill revolver).  Al the skill in the world won’t save you from a insta-kill being wielded by a free firing, free running lunatic.

(Games 4-1 coming soon!)



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