Preview: Breach & Clear

Nickdog8891 —  29/06/2013 — Leave a comment

breach & clear

Rainbow 6 meets XCOM

Let me just start the post by saying I’m stupid excited for this game.  Like, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited.  Finally, a game that allows me to exert full tactical control over my team, so PVT. Jenkins doesn’t die because he couldn’t remember to look both ways.  You all know that feeling, watching your tactically flawless plan crumble because one single soldier decides to forget months of training and not cover an open doorway.  Well, maybe not everyone knows that feeling, but some of you do, right?    RIGHT?!    Yeah, you dont, I know.  But I do, and let me tell you, it sucks.  It’s like getting killed by the level 1 newb who is 0-12 when you have a 24 kill streak going.  Breach & Clear is here to change all that.

You are in command of an elite squad charged with, you guessed it, breaching, and, wait for it……………………………….

…………………….clearing, out terrorist, criminals, and general riff raff.  Your squad is composed of soldiers from elite squads all around the world, with the best gear and the best training.  But none of that will matter if your tactics and plans are not sound.  All the baddies will need is a few clear seconds, and WHAM, you are down a man or two.  Keep all your angles covered, and you should come out on top.  Best thing about this game, its FREE!    TOE-TALL-LEE-FREE! (I imagine Jessie and James saying this)  Breach & Clear hopefully will be dropping this summer, so check back here for updates, and the eventual review (Don’t worry, I’ll be doing the review)



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